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Breasts, buttocks banned by CBS from Grammys


CBS is asking stars not to bare too much skin at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. The network requests that "buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered" for the televised award show. The memo sent out Wednesday also warned against "see-through clothing," exposure of "the genital region" and said that "thong type costumes are problematic."


Butt double! Debate ignites over Beckham's fake bum

David Beckham Butt Double

The Web buzzed with speculation Wednesday that David Beckham’s latest underwear ad for H&M includes shots of a body double — more famously known as an imposter without David Beckham’s butt.


'Black Madam' tied to illegal butt lifts, held on $10-million bond

Black Madam

A self-described hip-hop/goth/pop and funk musician whose stage name is Black Madam was being held on $10-million bond and could face murder charges in the case of a London dancer who died last year after receiving an illegal buttocks-enhancing injection.


Cops: Silicone Clogged Lung in Butt Injection Death

Cops: Silicone Clogged Lung in Butt Injection Death

Philadelphia police suspect a London woman who died after a botched buttocks enhancement may have been killed when a fumbled injection filled her lung with silicone and caused a fatal embolism.

Senh: Just in case you're wondering how the silicone went from her butt to her lungs: a vein was probably nicked and carried the silicone to her lungs.


5 Wash. bikini baristas accused of prostitution

Five Washington state baristas charged customers to touch their breasts and buttocks at an espresso stand where servers wear bikinis to draw business, police said.


Top 10 excuses for 'the presidential peek'

Top 10 excuses for 'the presidential peek'

An unguarded moment for the Commander in Chief? A bad camera angle? Or an honest-to-goodness presidential ogling?


Eminem 'Thrilled' About Bruno Stunt

NEW YORK — Eminem says he knew full well what he was about to face at the MTV Movie Awards - including Sacha Baron Cohen's bare butt.

Enimem told the Web site RapRadar.com that the much-talked about stunt was all rehearsed, right down to Eminem's mock disgust. Says the rapper: "I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it."


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