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Alleged Canada plot turns focus to rail transport's vulnerability

Train Bomb Plot - Reuters

An alleged al Qaeda-backed plot to derail a U.S. passenger train in Canada sought to exploit the vulnerabilities of railroads that have not gotten much attention from the American public.


Police: 2 arrested in Canada terror plot

Two men were arrested and charged with plotting a terrorist attack against a Canadian passenger train, police said Monday....


Keystone pipeline gets mixed State Department review

The State Department gave a mixed review Friday to a controversial Canada-to-U.S. pipeline, neither endorsing nor rejecting the project but noting that it would not significantly alter the development of Canada's tar sands.


Canada stops distributing pennies


The Canadian penny is withdrawn from circulation as production costs exceed its monetary value.


University of Toronto grads produce "most efficient" light bulb in the world.

Light Bulb

How many men does it take to design a new energy-efficient light bulb? Three. A team of self-described adventure-seeking Canadian “tree-huggers” have produced the NanoLight, which they call a breakthrough in LED lighting technology, touting it as the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb.


Canada’s guest worker program could become model for U.S. immigration changes

When Oscar Reyes heads north for seasonal work every spring, he no longer pays a smuggler to sneak him through the desert past the U.S. Border Patrol.


Canada looks to lure energy workers from the U.S.

In its quest to increase oil production, Canada is lobbying job fairs and air waves for laborers. California has become a prime target... With a daughter to feed, no job and $200 in the bank, Detroit pipe fitter Scott Zarembski boarded a plane on a one-way ticket to this industrial capital city.


State-by-state impact

A day after it launched a punishing strike on the East Coast of the United States, Superstorm Sandy remained a threat Tuesday. The storm made landfall along the coast of southern New Jersey on Monday night, but its mammoth size affected a much wider area -- and continued to do so as it shuffled northward toward Canada, leaving at least 30 U.S. deaths in its wake.


Hurricane Sandy marches north toward Mid-Atlantic coast

Hurricane Sandy

A hurricane of enormous force continued to march north Sunday, ready to hammer the Washington region sometime on Monday and disrupt life for millions as it sweeps across eight states toward Canada. From North Carolina to the coastal edges of Maine, public officials are urging residents to fortify themselves against Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to unleash torrential rains, and winds of up to 75 mph, even for those residing as far as 100 miles from the storm’s center.


First tsunami waves in Hawaii are small

An official says the first waves are usually not the biggest, and it could be as long as seven hours before the warning is canceled. The tsunami was generated by a 7.7 quake off Canada.


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