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Stem cell op may 'restore sperm'


Boys left infertile by childhood cancer treatment may one day be able to produce healthy sperm by using stored stem cells, monkey research suggests.


Why haven't we cured cancer yet? Here's why that's about to change.

It seems like almost every day, we hear about another miraculous advance in cancer treatment. Drugs that cause tumors to shrink, gene therapies, and even a possible vaccine.


Opinion: Steve Jobs and cancer care

Steve Jobs had a long run with a rare form of cancer (a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor) that is sometimes curable by early surgery. While I was not his physician and don't have access to the details of his illness or its treatment, assertions that his use of alternative medicine shortened his life strike me as uninformed.


$93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?

$93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?

Cancer patients, brace yourselves. Many new drug treatments cost nearly $100,000 a year, sparking fresh debate about how much a few months more of life is worth.


Curry compound kills cancer cells: scientists

Curry compound kills cancer cells: scientists

A molecule found in a curry ingredient can kill esophageal cancer cells in the laboratory, suggesting it might be developed as an anti-cancer treatment, scientists said on Wednesday.


Kids who survive cancer less likely to wed later

Once, Anne Willis mentioned to the man she was dating that she didn't know about her fertility, since she had undergone cancer treatment as a teenager.


Mom Accused of Withholding Autistic Son's Cancer Meds

A woman accused of withholding cancer treatment from her autistic son has been charged with attempted murder.


New drugs could transform cancer treatment

A new class of drugs called ‘PARP inhibitors’ may be the most exciting development in cancer research in a decade or more: In just a few years, it could save thousands of lives.


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