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CSI Jamestown: Anthropologists lay out evidence of colonial cannibalism

Experts have provided the grisly goods to back up 17th-century accounts of cannibalism during the Jamestown colony's "starving time" — including a skull that shows signs of being chopped at and pried apart. "Our team has discovered partial human remains before, but the location of the discovery, visible damage to the skull and marks on the bones immediately made us realize this finding was unusual," Bill Kelso, chief archaeologist of the Jamestown Rediscovery Project in Virginia, said in a news release issued Wednesday. Specimens from the Jamestown site were laid out during a Washington news conference.


Cross-dresser accused of cooking wife in Calif.

A man known to stroll his California neighborhood dressed as a woman has been accused of cooking the flesh and bones of his 73-year-old murdered wife.


NYPD officer accused of threatening to kidnap and eat women

An New York City police officer is accused of threatening to kidnap, cook and eat women in a bizarre plot where he fantasized about how "tasty" one victim looked and said it would be easy to roast a person in his oven, officials said Thursday.


Report: Face-chewer had no flesh in stomach

The man who mauled off a homeless man's face over Memorial Day weekend apparently had no human flesh in his stomach, a report shows.


Human remains delivered to 2 Canada schools

Luka Rocco Magnotta

Packages containing a human foot and hand were discovered at two schools in Vancouver on Tuesday, in what could be the latest gruesome twist in the case of a Canadian porn actor suspected of dismembering and eating his former lover....


Police: Miami cannibal was overdosing on new, super-potent LSD


Disturbing new details have emerged about an incident in Miami, Florida in which police shot and killed a man who was tearing off and eating another man’s face. According to Miami’s WSVN, the victim, who is believed to be homeless, lost 75 percent of his face in the attack and is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Police claim that the dead man was overdosing on a new, powerful form of Lysergic Acid Diethlymide, the hallucinogen commonly known as LSD.


Man pleads not guilty in Connecticut brain-eating case

Brain Eating Case

A man charged with hacking a homeless man to death with an ax and eating some of his brain and an eyeball has pleaded not guilty to murder.


Ex-model who ate husband's body parts still a threat, D.A. says

Orange County prosecutors plan to argue at a parole hearing Wednesday that an ex-model convicted of killing her husband and then cooking and eating parts of his body two decades ago has not reformed and should remain behind bars.


300 Stray Dogs Dumped on Island Turn to Cannibalism

More than 300 stray dogs that were dumped on isolated islands turned to cannibalism after weeks of starvation, animal welfare activists said Thursday.


Russian Brothers Kill, Cannibalize Older Sibling

Two men have reportedly admitted killing their elder brother and eating parts of his body which they kept in the fridge for months.


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