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Devices don't work to save kids in hot cars

Special seats and other devices designed to help prevent parents from accidentally leaving babies and toddlers behind in cars don’t work, a team of experts said on Monday. They said parents shouldn’t rely on them to keep children safe.


Parents wrestle with rear-facing carseat advice

Parents wrestle with rear-facing carseat advice

When the American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that children ride in rear-facing car seats until at least age 2 — up from the previous minimum age of 1 — Internet news sites lit up with outrage. Many parents were hardly eager to embrace the latest medical advice about how to best protect toddlers from serious head, neck and spinal injuries.

Senh: I don't understand what the problem is. It's for the safety of your child. Just do it.


Toxic flame retardants found in 80% of baby products

Toxic flame retardants found in 80% of baby products

Car seats, portable cribs contain toxic or untested chemical flame retardants, a study finds. Others say the findings overstate the risk.


Rear-Facing Car Seats Advised for Older Toddlers

A pediatricians’ group now says that toddlers shouldn’t move to a forward-facing seat until at least age 2.


To protect babies, keep car seats in the car

To prevent injuries in babies, car seats should stay in the car.


Car seats can be dangerous outside the car

More than 8,700 infants end up in the emergency room each year because their car seats are used improperly outside the car, according ...


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