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Exxon Mobil profit misses Street view

Exxon Mobil Corp, the world's largest publicly traded oil company, posted lower-than-expected quarterly earnings on Thursday as its oil and gas output sagged and its chemicals business struggled.


Hydrogen Peroxide Found in Space

Molecules of hydrogen peroxide have been found for the first time in interstellar space. The discovery gives clues about the chemical link between two molecules critical for life: water and oxygen. On Earth, hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the chemistry of water and ozone in our planet’s atmosphere, and is familiar for its use as a disinfectant or to bleach hair blonde. Now it has been detected in space by astronomers using the ESO-operated APEX telescope in Chile..


Scientists Warn Chemicals May Be Altering Breast Development

Although many experts have long debated the role of the environment in breast cancer, the possibility that chemicals are changing how and when breasts develop is a relatively new concern for scientists.


Smelly chemicals confuse mosquito

Smelly chemicals confuse mosquito

Chemicals which interfere with a mosquito's ability to sniff out humans have been developed by researchers in the US.

Senh: Yay! Just in time for the summer.


Germany halts poultry, pork, egg sales in scare

Germany halts poultry, pork, egg sales in scare

Germany halted sales of poultry, pork and eggs from more than 4,700 farms Friday after animal feed was found to be contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. As German authorities sought the source of the tainted feed, other nations rushed to figure out if any other food was contaminated.


Stem cells reverse blindness caused by chemical burns

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by chemical burns

Dozens of people who were blinded or otherwise suffered severe eye damage when they were splashed with caustic chemicals had their sight restored ...


Lead, dangerous chemicals found in toys

Lead, dangerous chemicals found in toys

A public interest group finds a number of toys at major retailers that contain the outlawed chemicals and illegal amounts of lead.


$205M man says he sold meth chemical

A Chinese-Mexican businessman arrested after police found a $205 million stash of cash in his Mexico City mansion has told U.S. prosecutors he sold tons of a chemical used to make methamphetamine on the black market, a top Mexican official told The Associated Press....


Solvay sells drugs unit to Abbott for $6.6 billion

Belgian drugs, chemicals and plastics maker Solvay said on Monday it would sell its drugs unit to U.S. partner Abbott Laboratories for 4.5 billion euros ($6.61 billion) in cash and reinvest in chemicals and plastics.


Study links common chemicals, infertility

Chemicals found in everyday products such as food packaging, upholstery and carpets may be associated with infertility in women, according to researchers at the University of California-Los Angeles School of Public Health. Doctors studied the chemicals, perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and...


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