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Murdoch bid for Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune mooted

Los Angeles Times

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is looking to bid for the Los Angeles Times, the paper has reported, adding Murdoch is also interested in buying its stablemate the Chicago Tribune from their parent company, the Tribune Company.

Senh: Might as buy them while they're cheap.


Chicago Tribune staff demands answers from editor over Journatic

Continuing questions about Journatic’s ethics and business practices came into sharp focus earlier this month with the discovery that it had supplied a story to the Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal edition that contained allegedly plagiarized and fabricated elements. The concerns first emerged when National Public Radio’s “This American Life” broadcast a story showing how Journatic used cut-rate staff in the Philippines to write stories using fake, American-sounding names.


Media Watch: Top Newspapers, Ranked by Twitter Followers

The top 25 U.S. newspapers - according to the number of Twitter followers, as recorded by Journalistics a bit over a week ago - is below. Sitting very comfortably in first place is The New York Times with 2.6 million - and they are the only news source on the list that has more followers than print circulation. The Wall Street Journal is number two with 464,591 followers, and The Washington Post comes in at third with 204,514. The Chicago Tribune, however, if you count both of its Twitter accounts, including @ColonelTribune, totals a second-place 879,490. 1. @nytimes – 2,668,948 2.


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