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Baby born with no nose is still "perfect"

When Brandi McGlathery looked at her newborn son for the first time, everything was 'perfect.' He had five fingers on each hand and five toe...

Senh: Since there's only 37 cases in the world, I wonder how difficult it is to care for a child without a nose. What kind of physical problems will he have growing up? It's disheartening to read that insurance will not cover some of expenses associated with the baby's care. So glad that crowdfunding is being used for this. Good luck to the family.


Abnormal placenta may reveal newborn's autism risk

Autism - Fox News

As of today, there are no definitive tests to measure a child’s risk for developing autism. Since early intervention and therapy is key for at-risk children, such a test could be critical for managing the early development of a child.


Nobel prizewinner, IVF pioneer Robert Edwards dead

Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards, a Nobel prizewinner from Britain whose pioneering in vitro fertilization research led to the first test tube baby and has since brought millions of people into the world, died Wednesday at age 87....


Women, think about freezing your eggs

I wish I'd had the option of egg freezing. Egg freezing is the newest reproductive technology: a recently perfected form of flash-freezing that allows human eggs to be successfully stored in egg banks. Only commercially available in American IVF clinics since October 2012, when the "experimental" label was lifted, egg freezing is being heralded as a "revolution in the way women age," a "reproductive backstop," a "fertility insurance policy," an "egg savings account" and in particular, a way for ambitious career women to postpone motherhood until they are ready.


Doctor Threatens To Call Cops On Pregnant Woman If She Doesn’t Have Emergency C-Section

A Florida doctor told a pregnant patient that he would call the cops on her if she didn’t have an emergency caesarean section because the baby was a week past his due date. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Dr. Jerry Yankowitz, chairman of the obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Southern Florida, sent the threatening email to 35-year-old Lisa Epsteen.


Video: 2 sets of identical twins = rare quads

Manuel and Tressa Montalvo on the 1 in 70 million chances of giving birth to two sets of twins at the same time.


Video: Girl, 9, gives birth in Mexico

9 yr-old Gives Birth

Police in Mexico are searching for the baby's teen father.


Passenger has baby aboard flight over Armenia

Armavia Airlines

A passenger has given birth to her first child aboard an Armenian airline and named her daughter after one of the flight attendants who helped with the delivery.


Greene: Cost of having a baby -- $70

Bob Greene says a friend's hospital bill from his 1947 birth is a reminder of how health care costs have skyrocketed, but also of how technological advances have made having a baby safer.


Brazilian woman gives birth for the first time at 61 years old to twins

Child birth at 60

What to expect when expecting over 60. A Brazilian woman, Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti, gave birth for the first time on Tuesday — a week after turning 61. The late-life pregnancy was possible in part because of Dr. Orlando de Castro Neto, an assisted reproduction specialist.


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