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Rick Perry says his remarks on immigration were ‘inappropriate’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, facing a conservative backlash over his labeling as heartless those who oppose his state law giving college tuition breaks to the children of illegal immigrants, said Wednesday that the tone of his remarks was “inappropriate.”

In an on-camera interview with, a conservative media outlet, Perry said he had been “over-passionate” in his answer to a question about the law during last week’s GOP presidential candidates debate.


Report: 5% of kids in U.S. born to illegal immigrants

Report: 5% of kids in U.S. born to illegal immigrants

Four million children in the US were born of illegal immigrant parents but were granted US citizenship because they were born on American soil, according to a report released today.


Republicans move to block US citizenship for children of illegal aliens

Senior Republicans have escalated the increasingly bitter fight over immigration with proposals to rewrite the US constitution to block the children of illegal aliens from obtaining citizenship. In the latest move to inflame the racially tinged issue ...


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