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China's Growth Could Be Cut In Half By 2014

The inflation is still high, and the 10% annual growth rate of the last decade is going to wither to under 5% by 2014 or so, according to the Economist. The innovation necessary to boom a consumer economy is questionable. The state banks have probably been loaded with questionable loans.


China G.D.P. Grew 9.6% Despite Cooling Efforts

China G.D.P. Grew 9.6% Despite Cooling Efforts

China had tried to temper expansion and the price rises that accompany excessively rapid growth.


Can China Save The World By Consuming More?

Would an increase in Chinese domestic demand meaningfully reduce global imbalances and improve U.S. and European employment prospects?


China exports leap 46% in February

The nation's exports grow for the third consecutive month compared with a year earlier.


China Premier Details Economic Plan

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said that China could expand social spending and pour money into strategic industries while still meeting its 8 percent economic growth target.


China on Path to Become Second-Largest Economy

China on Path to Become Second-Largest Economy

If China keeps up a 8.7 growth rate, it will likely replace Japan as the world’s second-largest economy this year.


China's growth quickens but policy stays on hold

China's economic growth picked up last quarter as expected as a combination of breakneck investment and buoyant bank lending more than made up for a slump in exports.


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