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Broken Feeds: Is RSS Going the Way of the Dinosaurs?

CNN Homepage 2015

I’m been fixing a bunch of broken feeds since the new year. It started with CNN, which launched a redesign at the beginning of the year. At the time, all of their RSS feeds were broken as a result of that (more about this later). Since they’re the second largest news site on the web, behind Yahoo! News, I still wanted to show them on the site.


After 25 Million Downloads, Joomla Aims to Expand Into Apps

What was born just before YouTube and Twitter, powers whole websites with open source code and has now been downloaded 25 million times? Joomla! The popular Content Management System with an exclamation point in its name passed a major milestone this month and now says its future will be based on helping developers build all kinds of other apps.

Senh: I only wish Drupal would head in that direction too. This should be interesting. Looks like I'll have to familiarize myself with Joomla! and keep an eye on this. It makes complete sense though. There isn't a cms for apps development. You would have to learn different api's to create apps for Android, iOS, Facebook, or Twitter. If I could use Joomla! to create apps that would work with all of those platforms, it would be awesome.


Pressflow, Locked Tables & Hang Time

Pressflow, Locked Tables & Hang Time

I just installed Pressflow and simultaneously updated Drupal late last week. Pressflow is a modified version of Drupal that allows it to scale more easily. For sites with huge traffic and databases, it's essential. It supports database replication, Squid and Varnish reverse-proxy caching, and is optimized for MySQL and PHP 5.


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