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How to cope with a co-worker you hate


Executive coaching clients over the years have come to me with a key dilemma: “What do I do when I hate someone at work and feel he (or she) is out to get me?” So what do I advise my coaching clients to do about this situation? Here are four critical steps for dealing productively with an enemy at work.


Why Your Co-Workers Don't Like You


Beneath a veneer of professional collegiality, your co-workers are taking note of the mess on your desk, how loudly you chew, even your word choices. Obviously, serious misconduct such as discrimination and harassment can lead to a job loss. But small irritants can hurt productivity and build walls between co-workers.


Lottery winner must share cash with co-workers

A New Jersey construction worker cheated five co-workers out of a $38.5 million lottery jackpot and must share the winnings, a jury found.


Finders Keepers?

What would you do if you found a $100 bill in an empty elevator that’s propelling you to the eleventh floor? Answer quickly, because the next elevator “ding” could be that person looking for that bill. Pocket it? Tell the secretary you found money and let her deal with it? Post a note on the elevator to have the person contact you about a lost item in the elevator, hoping that it wouldn’t be reclaimed so you could keep it?


Toxic Colleagues: Nine Coworkers To Watch Out For

You can pick your friends, you can pick your job. But you can't pick your colleagues. How to spot the nine most toxic coworkers in your office.


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