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The Identical Look of Firefox and Chrome Caused Site Shutdown

White Screen of Death

In my previous article, I mention how the latest version of Firefox has a nearly identical look to Google’s Chrome web browser. When I’m working on new features for my sites, I use Firefox for testing and Chrome to see what the results look like to the users.

I knew one of these days, because both browsers look the same now, I would confuse one for the other and put up untested programming code that would cause havoc on my sites.

That happened yesterday, a lot sooner than I had expected.


Link Removal Part II: I'm Still Not Removing Your Link, But ...

Link Removal

About a year ago, I wrote about getting daily requests/demands/threats to remove links to random sites on Wopular. I didn’t add those external links myself. They’re all done automatically through RSS feeds. If another site’s content is related to a headline on Wopular, then a link to it is generated.


Coding boot camps promise to launch tech careers

Coding Bootbamp - AP

Looking for a career change, Ken Shimizu decided he wanted to be a software developer, but he didn't want to go back to college to study computer science. Instead, he quit his job and spent his savings to enroll at Dev Bootcamp, a new San Francisco school that teaches students how to write software in nine weeks. The $11,000 gamble paid off: A week after he finished the program last summer, he landed an engineering job that paid more than twice his previous salary.


A Programmer outsources his job to China. Gets great performance reviews. Pays the Chinese firm 1/5th of his salary. Surfs web.


Call it an amazing example of entrepreneurship or a daring play of deceit. After a U.S.-based "critical infrastructure" company discovered in 2012 its computer systems were being accessed from China, its security personnel caught the culprit ultimately responsible: Not a hacker from the Middle Kingdom but one of the company's own employees sitting right at his desk in the United States.


HTML5 takes the internet by storm


Aaron Gustafson, author of the book Adaptive Web Design, says the versatility and dynamic nature of HTML5 means it can be used in new ways in different environments including the office and kitchen.


Parents Launch Campaign To Teach Kids How To Code

Parents Launch Campaign To Teach Kids How To Code

With hack days and e-petitions they're pushing for education to keep up with the digital economy. People of an older vintage tend to balk when they see seven-year-olds blithely reprogramming their TV sets, or changing the background on their smartphones. But a few among them believe kids have even more potential when it comes to software — they can actually create programs, if they’re only taught how.

Senh: Yeah, it'll interesting to see what happens if kids grow up knowing how to write software programs, like how they grow up knowing how to write sentences.


7 Tips to Create The Mobile Version of a Website

Not long ago developers considered browser-rendering differences to be one of the most challenging problems. IE6 probably a nightmare to the online industry, is gone but there are still a lot of issues with browsers that make coding a tough job.


How to Create An Ajax-Based HTML5/CSS3 Contact Form

Contact form is deadly essential for any website, as it acts as a messenger which asses the opinion or enquiries of visitors to webmaster. There have been countless contact forms on the web but unfortunately most of them do not explain to you the inner working parts, so here comes a detailed tutorial to teach you to build an advanced contact form from scratch based on the pop technology, HTML5 and CSS3.


10 Excellent HTML5 coding Tools Many Users Don’t Know About

HTML5 will radically change the way we make websites and web apps. So here are 10 great tools that are amazing for simplifying and enhancing HTML5 coding.


Launched a New Movie Site Called

Launched a New Movie Site Called

I just launched a new movie site with my Rotten Tomatoes buddy Binh Ngo. It’s called, a website that tracks upcoming movies through various stages of development by aggregating scoops from the top movie sites on the web.


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