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Student debt hits record 1 in 5 U.S. households

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Growing college enrollment has stretched student debt to a record number of U.S. households, burdening young, poor.


Fewer see college as good financial investment

Nearly 57 percent of people think college is a good financial investment for young adults these days, down sharply from 81 percent four years ago, a new survey shows.


Brief relief, long-term questions on student loans

Congress may have averted a doubling of interest rates on millions of new federal student loans, but the fix is only for a year, leaving students on edge over whether they'll face a similar increase next summer.


Lawmakers reach compromise on roads, student loans

Facing weekend deadlines for action, congressional leaders have agreed to deals overhauling the nation's transportation programs without a Republican provision forcing approval of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline, and avoiding a doubling of interest rates for new student loans, congressional officials said Wednesday....


Hill bargainers: Student loan deal seems near

Congressional bargainers seem near an agreement that would avert a July 1 doubling of interest rates on federal loans to 7.4 million college students and end an election-year battle between President Barack Obama and Congress, Senate aides from both parties said Friday....


Government, schools to clarify loans for students

The Obama administration and 10 private colleges and state university systems are taking steps this week aimed at improving transparency about the cost of college, including loans and options for repaying them.


Republicans block Senate proposal to keep student loan rates low

Student Loans

The political battle over President Obama’s plan to keep student loan interest rates from skyrocketing escalated as Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic proposal to tax wealthier earners to pay for it.


A GOP ‘assault’ on women’s health?

Student Loans

At dispute is how to provide funding that would prevent a jump in the interest rates for subsidized loans made by the federal government to undergraduate college students. The House of Representatives voted last week to keep the rate from doubling, but funded it by eliminating the Prevention and Public Health Fund that is part of President Obama’s health care law. (The House measure has little chance in the Senate controlled by Democrats.)

Senh: It can be safe to say that Republicans are against keeping student loan interest rates low when they try to fund it by removing a part of Barack Obama's health care bill. They know that Democrats will not budge on that, so it's as good as saying no to students.


Romney agrees with Obama on student loan plan

They want Congress to temporarily extend the current low rate on subsidized undergraduate Stafford loans.


Obama to Congress: Don't raise student loan payments

President Obama kicked off a week of appeals to young voters on Saturday by urging Congress to maintain the interest rate on student loans, keeping the costs of college stable.


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