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Reporter faces possible jail-time for refusing to reveal who provided her with Aurora mass shooter James Holmes’ notebook.

Jana Winter

... Winter is currently facing a jail sentence for refusing to reveal the sources who provided her with alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes’ notebook, which he had sent to a psychiatrist and which was"full of details about how he was going to kill people." Holmes’ defense attorneys subpoenaed Winter to testify about who told her about the notebook and a Colorado judge has said that he will rule on April 10th whether Winter must reveal her source or face jail time for refusing to testify.


Aurora Gunman James Holmes Will Face The Death Penalty

Colorado prosecutors have reached the decision that James Holmes deserves to die for killing 12 people in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater last July. Their decision comes after Holmes’ offer to plead guilty to the shooting in exchange for receiving life in prison was rejected by prosecutors.


Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea for James E. Holmes

James Holmes - NY Times

The judge in the case of James E. Holmes, after having laid the groundwork for Mr. Holmes to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, denied requests by defense lawyers for more time.


Aurora shooting suspect faces new charges

Prosecutors added 14 counts of attempted murder to the charges against shooting suspect James Holmes. Prosecutors also amended five other counts that Holmes, 24, already faced. Details about the new charges were not made public.


Prosecutors: Holmes was banned from university after threats

James Holmes

Prosecutors say the suspect in the Colorado theater shooting made threats and was banned from the University of Colorado after failing a key exam six weeks before the rampage.


Murder Charges to be Filed in Colorado Shooting

James Holmes

Prosecutors are expected to formally charge James Eagan Holmes with multiple counts of first degree murder on Monday in the shooting deaths of 12 people at a movie theater.


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