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American Airlines passengers still backed up after glitch

American Airlines Outage - NBC News

Flight cancellations and delays continued to bedevil American Airlines customers on Wednesday -- a day after a major glitch crippled the carrier's reservation system, leading to the grounding of its fleet for several hours."These computer system can get hung up waiting for data. If it never gets it, the system can get overloaded and leads to a shutdown," said Dr.


Outage grounds American Airlines flights

American Airlines grounded flights across the country Tuesday because of an outage of its main reservations system. Thousands of passengers were stranded at airports and on airplanes.


Knight losses estimated at $270 million after taxes: CEO letter

Trading losses at Knight Capital Group Inc were about $270 million after taxes from the August 1 software glitch that sent the firm scrambling for a financial lifeline, Chief Executive Tom Joyce told clients in a letter.


Southwest pays refunds after computer glitch

Southwest Airlines said Sunday it has begun filing refunds to customers who were accidentally billed multiple times for a single flight, after a half-price online ticket promotion backfired.


Southwest says computer glitch caused ticket woes


Southwest Airlines' attempt to thank its Facebook friends with a half-price ticket sale backfired when customers were inadvertently billed multiple times for a single flight , they're not feeling the "luv."


Knight Capital trading debacle shows Wall Street frailties

Knight Capital

The high-speed trading arms race being waged on Wall Street has finally claimed its first major casualty. Knight Capital Group, a brokerage that handles nearly 11% of all stock trading in U.S. companies, is in danger of collapsing after a software glitch triggered millions of unintended orders. The New Jersey firm lost $440 million in less than an hour — nearly four times the company's profit last year.


Tot on 'no-fly' list removed from plane

No-Fly Glitch

JetBlue Airways is apologizing for a "computer glitch" it blames for a family being told their 18-month-old daughter was on a government no-fly list.


Computer glitch forces redo of US visa lottery

A computer glitch corrupted the State Department's annual worldwide lottery for U.S. immigrant visas and the results will be scratched, the Obama administration said Friday, disappointing tens of thousands of would-be immigrants who were notified this year that they had won a chance to come and live legally in the United States....


Computer Glitch Missed Eight Safety Violations At Upper Big Branch Mine

A computer error prevented the West Virginia coal mine where 29 workers died in an explosion last week from receiving a warning about safety violations and a demand that the operator improve conditions in 90 days, federal officials said Tuesday.

The director of the Mine Safety and Health Administration said the error discovered Monday night did not have an impact on the accident at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine because improvements had been made even without the warning.


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