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Ghana impounds 'faulty condoms'

Faulty Condom - BBC

More than 110 million Chinese-made condoms are seized in Ghana after laboratory tests revealed they had holes and burst easily.


Porn industry trade group vows to fight condom requirement

The day after voters approved a measure requiring porn performers to wear condoms while filming in Los Angeles County, opponents vowed to fight the initiative in court and explore ways to move the industry out of L.A. "as quickly as possible."


Mixing Alcohol And Energy Drinks Can Lead To Risky Sex, Study Says

New research set to be published by the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) has found a link between the consumption of caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol and casual -- and often risky -- sex among college-age adults. The study also found, however, that consumption of such alcoholic combinations is not a significant predictor of whether or not the boozing students used a condom during sex.


Measure requiring condoms for porn films likely to go on ballot

Faced with more than 370,000 signatures supporting a porn condom-use ordinance, Los Angeles County supervisors seem likely to put such a measure on the ballot this fall. For years, Los Angeles County supervisors ducked any responsibility for making sure that adult film actors wear condoms to guard against HIV infection while on the job.


Teens Use Condoms More Often During First Sex : NPR

Some 8 in 10 sexually active teen boys reported using a condom the first time they had sex, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds.


Can You Guess Which City In America Has The Most Sex? [CHART]

Trojan has just released the results of its annual "sex census," and good news for the people of Los Angeles -- they're having more sex than anyone else in the country, an average of 135 times per year. But that doesn't necessarily mean the sex is any good. Philadelphians report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, with 82% of respondents there saying they are sexually fulfilled. Just 75% of Angelenos said the same.


Malaysia police nab 3 for stealing 725,000 condoms

Malaysian police have arrested three suspects involved in the heist of some 725,000 condoms, which have not yet been found.


Pope approves use of condoms in fight against Aids

Pope approves use of condoms in fight against Aids

After decades of fierce opposition to the use of all contraception, the pontiff will end the Catholic Church's absolute ban on the use of condoms.


Lawsuit over condom in Whopper settled

The lawyer for a Vermont man who claimed he bit into a Burger King sandwich and found an unwrapped condom says his lawsuit's been settled out of court.


New survey on sex in US, biggest since 1994

New survey on sex in US, biggest since 1994

The male-female orgasm gap. The sex lives of 14-year-olds. An intriguing breakdown of condom usage rates, by age and ethnicity, with teens emerging as more safe-sex-conscious than boomers.


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