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Scripps Spelling Bee 2013: Spelling Bee kids will have to know definitions


It'll take more than spelling to win this year's National Spelling Bee. The youngsters will have to know some definitions as well. For the first time, vocabulary will be a part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee when the competition is held next month near the nation's capital.


Pa. girl survives 5-speller standoff to win bee

Pa. girl survives 5-speller standoff to win bee

It's what makes the spelling bee such gripping drama. Five competitors were left, and it appeared none of them would ever miss again. They correctly rolled off 21 words in a row. Hard ones, like "abhinaya" and "capoeira" and "cheongsam" and "opodeldoc." One of the spellers kept checking another one's watch. It was past bedtime, and long past the time slot that had been allotted by ESPN.


Netflix Competitors Learn the Power of Teamwork

A contest with a $1 million prize for improving on Netflix’s movie recommendations ended in a dead heat, but has already produced an impressive legacy.


Competitors Closing on $1 Million Netflix Prize

Netflix promised anyone who improved their recommendation algorithm by 10% their $1-million Netflix Prize. One team claims 10.5% If no one tops them, the money could be theirs.


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