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A glimpse into shadowy world of spies

The infiltration of an agent into the ranks of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula provides a rare insight into the shadowy world of counter-terrorism and the problems for both intelligence agencies and al-Qaeda in knowing whom to trust.


Al Qaeda now incapable of 9/11-scale attack: U.S. officials

New York City

Al Qaeda's core organization is likely incapable of carrying out another mass-casualty attack on the scale of September 11, 2001, U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism officials said on Friday.


Americans' data to be held longer under counterterrorism rules

Counterterrorism officials will keep certain information about American citizens and legal residents for up to five years, rather than the previous six months, in a bid to do a better job tracking down terrorism suspects, according to new guidelines made public on Thursday.


Anti-terrorism success may not help Obama in 2012

Anti-terrorism success may not help Obama in 2012

President Barack Obama may have a string of counterterrorism successes and earned high marks from the public on foreign policy, but neither is likely to help him hold the White House....


U.S. shifts strategy against al Qaeda

U.S. shifts strategy against al Qaeda

A new U.S. counterterrorism strategy will focus on the ability of al Qaeda and its network to inspire people in the United States to attack the homeland, said John Brennan, White House counterterrorism adviser.


Analysis: Turning point for U.S., Pakistan

The death of Osama bin Laden could prove to be a turning point in United States-Pakistani counterterrorism cooperation.


Terror Alert on U.S. Travel to Europe Not Over Yet

Terror Alert on U.S. Travel to Europe Not Over Yet

A terror alert for Americans traveling and living in Europe remains in effect after the U.S. State Department issued the warning earlier this month.

The State Department's counterterrorism coordinator said there is no reason to rescind the alert since the alleged European terror plot is still active. Concerns have centered around terrorists plotting to carry out a Mumbai-style massacre that took place in 2008.


U.S. to Issue Terrorism Alert for Travel to Europe

U.S. to Issue Terrorism Alert for Travel to Europe

A decision to caution travelers comes as counterterrorism officials are assessing intelligence about possible plots.


Obama signs extension of Patriot Act

President Obama has signed a one-year extension of several provisions in the nation's main counterterrorism law, the Patriot ...


Security Lapses Are Being Addressed, Officials Tell Panel

The nation’s top counterterrorism officials are testifying Wednesday before Congress about the Christmas bombing plot.


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