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Legal recourses limited for Te'o to seek

Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o would be hard-pressed for relief from a civil suit. Manti Te'o says he has received a confession from Ronaiah Tuiasosopo for leading the former Notre Dame linebacker to believe he was in a relationship with a non-existent woman, but that might be all he gets from Tuiasosopo.


Online romance scam victims identify with Te'o

How could someone be fooled by a fake girlfriend for months? Barb Sluppick, who has operated the website for the past decade, knows the answer to that question all too well.


'Catfish' focuses on fake relationships


Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick compared the alleged hoax about a "girlfriend" that ensnared linebacker Manti Te'o with the documentary "Catfish."


Want a blind date? OKCupid's new app hooks you up fast

Setting up a date can be hard, even with online
services doing a lot of the heavy lifting. You
have to find a place you like, a time that works,
and of course you need someone to go on the
date with. A new app called Crazy Blind Date
from OKCupid takes care of that last bit for
you. Choose the time and place, and it picks the
Actually, it picks four people — and there's a
twist: Their faces are scrambled, like one of
those sliding-square puzzles. So you get a
partial preview — nice eyes, dark hair — but
not the whole picture. Pick one, show up, and
presto, you're dating! Just pray none of the
other options shows up at the same time.
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The notion is that people often find themselves
with a free evening, wishing they could meet
someone new, but none of their prospects are
coming through. So an app that gets you a date
on short notice, with someone OK Cupid thinks
you'll like, could easily fill that particular niche.
Short-notice-dating apps aren't new; some, in
fact, have grown quite popular. Grindr, for
instance, is aimed at single gay men and has
become a bit notorious for its "hook-up
culture." But unlike OKCupid's app, Grindr lets
you see the people nearby clearly and choose
according to your preference.
That's because of the ugly truth: That looks
matter in these situations, and picky daters
might turn up their noses at this appeal to their
less superficial side. In fact, the website But a
few lonely nights might convince them to take a
chance. In the meantime, more adventurous
users of OKCupid may find the whole
experience thrilling.
But then it gets weird. After a date, you're
asked (naturally enough) to rate how well the
date went. If it went poorly, you say so, and if
it went well, you award your date "kudos."
People with more kudos show up more often
as potential dates


It's suddenly cool to be a cheap date

Cheap Date Night

A lackluster economy plus ubiquitous mobile technology are behind a surprising date-night trend: More than a quarter of people say they’ve used a coupon to pay for a first date. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive for CouponCabin.


Muslims look for mates in D.C. at annual speed-dating event

Muslim Speed Dating

“Can you smell the perfume in this room?” Abdul Malik Kadir said to a guy in a gray suit standing next to him. “My sinuses are cleared.” Kadir, 35, was sitting on a bench outside a ballroom at the Renaissance Washington hotel, surrounded by several hundred single Muslim men and women. The swelling crowd, ranging in age from 21 to 50-something, meant the evening of speed dating and socializing known as the Matrimonial Banquet was about to begin.


Mobile dating apps grow in popularity


Mobile dating. It’s all the horrors of online dating transferred to your phone, where you get creepy texts from people who view your profile and use your location to stalk you. Right? Sometimes, yes. But it could also spontaneously put you in front of the someone who likes your favorite food, books and music and might just like you, too.


Woman gets herpes, sues for $900K

CNN's Sunny Hostin reports on an Oregon woman who contracted herpes from a date and sued, winning $900,000 in damages.


Online dating: Is it worth it? See what a study says, and share your stories.

Anyone who’s done it knows that online dating can be a giant pain in the neck. But it works. A new study analyzing 400 academic studies related to online dating found that although it’s far from perfect, it has plenty of advantages. And it has dramatically transformed the way people find mates.


Dating Race

I'm Asian with shimmering, slick black hair, light chocolate eyes, full, pouty lips, vanilla complexion and a slender build. Since you don’t know any differently, I’m a hot Asian chick. (smiley face) Let’s leave it at that and move on to the point I’m trying to make -- the fact that most people see that and nothing else. That race sometimes becomes the primary factor for selecting relationships. It seems more often than not, an Asian will seek a non-Asian.


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