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Global "Day of Rage" mostly peaceful, Rome clears

The global "Day of Rage" against the world's financial system won some limited sympathy from political and economic leaders on Sunday, after protests that were peaceful everywhere but Italy.

Senh: That's how most protest should be - peaceful. Let's hope these protests will have positive effect on financial institutions and not just a blip on the map. It probably needs to be continuous and sustained in order for it to have lasting impact on the financial industry.


'Day of rage' planned for Saudi Arabia

Defying a government ban on all kinds of public demonstrations, a group is planning a "Day of Rage" protests Friday in Saudi Arabia.


Mideast engulfed by 'Day of Rage' protests

Mideast engulfed by 'Day of Rage' protests

The Middle East was engulfed by protests Friday from Yemen to Tunisia, with some turning violent at times.


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