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Tom Hanks in ‘Lucky Guy,’ His Broadway Debut

Tom Hanks

Mr. Hanks is making his Broadway debut in “Lucky Guy,” written by his friend Nora Ephron... Tom Hanks swears. Not a blue streak, no, but it’s bracing to hear profanity from the man who has defined decency for three decades in Hollywood, playing white knights in “Splash,” “Forrest Gump,” “Apollo 13” and the “Toy Story” series. If he is grandma-friendly on screen, he is looser and less predictable in person — as his old friend Nora Ephron was reminded several years ago when she sent him the screenplay for a biopic, “Lucky Guy.” Mr. Hanks took an instant dislike to his character, Mike McAlary, the muckraking columnist of New York City tabloids in the 1980s and ’90s.


TV: ‘Last Man Standing’ has last laugh on critics

TV: ‘Last Man Standing’ has last laugh on critics

Guess what is shaping up as the biggest hit of the new TV season? Tim Allen’s retro “manly man emasculated” sitcom, “Last Man Standing.” TV critics loathed it — but 13.2 million viewers liked it. That’s TV’s biggest 8 p.m. comedy debut in more than seven years. And the new 8 o’clock comedy opened on its own. No watch-us-kill-Charlie-Sheen-and-put-his-ashes-in-a-DustBuster lead-in audience of 30 million here!

Senh: It's good to know that Tim Allen still has a TV career to fall back on now that his film career has floundered. Maybe he can get back to his feet on TV land, and then reboot his film career again later.


New elongated Boeing 747-8 debuts in Paris

New elongated Boeing 747-8 debuts in Paris

Boeing Co's 747-8 Intercontinental, the new elongated passenger version of its legendary jumbo jet, made its international debut on Sunday, showing its distinctive silhouette abroad for the first time.


MTV's 'Teen Mom' Spinoff Has Solid Debut

The debut of MTV's Teen Mom spinoff got off to a solid start. Teen Mom 2 was on par with the original series' Season 2 premiere, drawing 3.6 million viewers at 10 p.m. Compared with the original series debut (2.1 million) in December 2009, the premiere was up significantly.


Strasburg strikes out 14 in impressive debut

Stephen Strasburg’s major league career started with a 97 mph fastball — and it didn’t take long for baseball’s newest wunderkind to start piling up strikeouts.


Without Rancor, Palin Show Debuts on Fox

A tame beginning to the Palin show despite controversy over its promotion.


Allen Iverson set to make Memphis Grizzlies debut on Monday

Allen Iverson is set to make his Grizzlies debut on Monday.


Windows 7 operating system makes its debut

Windows 7 operating system makes its debut

Microsoft Corp. put a new edition of Windows on sale Thursday, hoping for a fresh start after a bad reception for the previous version of the software that runs most of the world's personal computers.


Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ single to debut online

Sony Music says the song will have its premiere late Monday, at midnight, on .


Vick plays in first game since return to NFL

Vick plays in first game since return to NFL

Michael Vick made his Eagles debut at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night during the Eagles' 33-32 win. While he only participated in six plays, all in the first half, we did get a glimpse of what he might become this season.


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