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GOP approves delegate rule changes over vocal objections

Republican leaders pushed through contentious changes to delegate rules over the objection of conservatives and supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul.


Romney inches closer to GOP nomination for president with win in Kentucky primary

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney swept the Kentucky and Arkansas Republican presidential primaries Tuesday, inching closer to the GOP nomination he is certain to win. With no serious opposition left, the former Massachusetts governor easily won both contests. He won all 42 delegates at stake in Kentucky and at least 31 of the 33 delegates at stake in Arkansas.


Romney wins Nebraska, Oregon primaries

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney won the Nebraska and Oregon Republican primaries on Tuesday, adding to his delegate haul in his march toward the GOP presidential nomination.


Louisiana votes in GOP primary Saturday

Rick Santorum

Republicans went to the polls Saturday in Louisiana to vote in a primary poised to give a boost to Rick Santorum, but also add to Mitt Romney’s growing, if not insurmountable delegate lead in the race for the GOP nomination.


Puerto Rico votes in Republican presidential primary

Puerto Rico Primary

Puerto Rico held its Republican presidential primary on Sunday, with 20 of the U.S. territory's 23 delegates up for grabs in a race in which an upcoming vote on statehood has taken central stage.


Santorum banking on victory in Kansas caucuses

Mitt Romney

Setting the stage for primary elections Tuesday in Alabama and Mississippi, Republicans in Kansas gathered Saturday for their presidential caucuses. Forty delegates are at stake.


FiveThirtyEight: How Daunting Is Santorum's Delegate Math?


By projecting the delegate totals in the remaining states, what would Rick Santorum need to do to make up his disadvantage?


For Romney and Santorum, Super Tuesday’s prize is spelled Ohio


There are more voters involved and more delegates at stake on Super Tuesday than on any other election day so far this year, but there is a growing recognition that the crucial voting day is unlikely to slow the grinding GOP campaign.


Next up in GOP race: Washington state

Newt Gingrich

Forty delegates are up for grabs when Washington state holds its Republican presidential caucuses on Saturday, but much more than that -- a quick shot of momentum going into Super Tuesday is also at stake.


Mitt Romney ekes out delegate win in Michigan primary

Two days after winning the popular vote in the Michigan primary, Mitt Romney has also been declared the victor in a bitter fight for the state's convention delegates.


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