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Beta blockers may reduce Alzheimer's risk, study finds

Beta blockers, a venerable class of blood pressure drugs that has fallen from favor in recent years, may help protect the aging brain against changes linked to Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia that rob memory and mental function, new research indicates.


Wife stabbed Alzheimer's husband

Alzheimer's Disease

A "devoted" 79-year-old woman who was shot by police with a Taser gun after stabbing her husband 17 times is spared jail... Judge Michael Heath said: "This is a highly unusual and extremely sad case. They had been happily married for 40 years and were devoted to each other. "Caring for anyone with dementia should not be underestimated. She found herself under a great strain and contracted a depressive illness.


Can Exercise Make You Smarter? New Research Says Yes


Would you go to the gym or pick up those free weights to prevent memory loss, sharpen your thinking, and protect you from dementia and Alzheimer's? New evidence suggests exercise is the best way to take care of your brain.


How to cut your risk of memory loss

How to cut your risk of memory loss

Brain specialists say that dementia may not be inevitable and that making lifestyle changes earlier in life can lessen the chances of it.

Senh: Contrary to conventional wisdom, doing crossword puzzles and sudoku is not the answer. It's most exercise. Afterwards, it's being social engaged and picking up new skills or trying new things.


GPS shoes for Alzheimer's patients coming to market

GPS shoes for Alzheimer's patients coming to market

Shoes featuring GPS transmitters to help find wanderers suffering Alzheimer's disease or other dementia are coming soon to the U.S. market, Agence France-Presse reports.

Senh: That's actually pretty smart - a great use of technology. I bet you people will start using them for their kids ... and then their spouses!


Steve Jobs ill Biological Mother Unaware Of His Son's Death, Suffering From Dementia

Steve Jobs Biological Mother is to ill to know his Son's death. She is suffering from brain loss (dementia), so she cant remember him.

Senh: Steve Jobs looks just like his biological father. Although he had arranged for his biological mom's medical care to be taken paid for, I wonder why he didn't keep in touch with his biological father.


Vitamin E boosts prostate cancer risk, study finds

Large daily doses of vitamin E, long touted as a virtual wonder drug that could protect against cancer, heart disease, dementia and other ailments, increase the risk for prostate cancer among middle-aged men, according to a large federal study released Tuesday. The analysis of data from more than 35,000 healthy men concluded that those who took vitamin E every day at the relatively large dose levels commonly sold in drug, grocery and health food stores were 17 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer.


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