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'Bible' producers dismiss Obama-Satan connection

The producers of the cable TV miniseries on the Bible say Internet chatter that their Satan character resembles President Barack Obama is "utter nonsense."...


Does the devil in 'The Bible' look like Barack Obama?

The Devil from "The Bible"

The latest episode of the History Channel’s new series The Bible drew an uncomfortable buzz when some viewers noticed the character of Satan seemed to resemble President Barack Obama. Twitter erupted with observations Sunday evening, including one from conservative personality Glenn Beck, who previously instituted a personal ban on uttering the president’s name, but couldn’t keep himself from noting the similarity between the character and “that guy.”


Ben Affleck's 'The Town' Surprises For #1; 'Easy A' #2, 'Devil' #3, 'Alpha & Omega' #5

Ben Affleck's 'The Town' Surprises For #1; 'Easy A' #2, 'Devil' #3, 'Alpha & Omega' #5

Actor/director Ben Affleck's Warner Bros crime thriller is overperforming at the North American box office tonight. Based on Friday's $8.5M grosses, it will easily finish No. 1 this opening weekend when it was only predicted to come in 2nd. The "R"-rated movie's estimated $25+M looks like it will nearly equal the $28.6M of the same studio's October 6, 2006, Boston crime thriller The Departed directed by Martin Scorsese.

Senh: Ben Affleck is actually pretty talented. With this and "Gone Baby Gone," he proves that not only is he a decent actor, but, more importantly, he's also a great director. What a great bounce back from Gigli and Bennifer.


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