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Diana Nyad suspends latest Florida-Cuba swim bid

Diana Nyad

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad suspended her latest attempt to swim from Florida to Cuba early Tuesday, after being hampered by more jellyfish stings and strong overnight storms. Angie Sollinger, a senior member of Nyad’s support team, told NBC producer Matt German that Nyad has been pulled out of the water suffering from extreme exhaustion.


Swimmer Nyad steady in Cuba-Fla. record attempt

Diana Nyad

Endurance athlete Diana Nyad forged ahead in the Straits of Florida with renewed vigor Sunday in pursuit of a record 103-mile (166-kilometer), unassisted swim in open waters without the aid of a shark cage....


Diana Nyad chases longtime Cuba-Florida dream swim

American Diana Nyad endured several jellyfish stings as the 62-year-old endurance athlete sought to become the first person to swim unaided from Cuba to Florida without a wetsuit or a shark cage....


Spokeswoman: Nyad to quit Cuba-to-Florida swim

Endurance athlete Diana Nyad ended her swimming ultramarathon from Cuba to Florida on Sunday after medics warned another painful sting from a Portuguese Man o' War could be life threatening, Nyad team members said.


Nyad Puts Early End to Cuba-to-Florida Swim

The marathon swimmer spent 29 hours in the water, battling asthma, shoulder pain and ocean swells.


US endurance athlete Diana Nyad, 61, defies age in attempt to swim across Florida Straits

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad stroked through the Florida Straits early Monday, trying to accomplish at 61 years old what she failed to do at 28: swim more than 100 miles from Havana to Key West. If she makes it to the Florida Keys after an estimated 60-hour swim, Nyad would become the first person to traverse the strait without the aid of a shark cage, relying instead on technology and divers to fend off the finned predators.


Woman, 61, to swim 103 shark-infested miles

Woman, 61, to swim 103 shark-infested miles

Diana Nyad, from New York, is no ordinary 61-year-old. In fact, she is no ordinary woman. For her, nothing is impossible. Which is why, when she turned 60 she looked in the mirror and decided to fulfill her biggest life regret - to swim the 103 shark-infested miles from Cuba to Florida, non-stop without even a shark cage to protect her.


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