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Bloomberg's giving to school tops $1B

Michael Bloomberg

A kid raised in a middle-class Boston suburb, Michael Bloomberg took out loans to pay for his tuition at Johns Hopkins University and worked as a parking lot attendant.


Romney: Tithing makes me reluctant to reveal taxes

Mitt Romney says in an interview that one reason he's reluctant to release his tax returns is that it reveals how much money he and his wife have given to the Mormon church.


Amazon CEO gives $2.5M for Wash. gay marriage law founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced Friday they are donating $2.5 million to the campaign to defend Washington's same-sex marriage law....


Nearly $2M donated to Colo shooting victim fund

The film studio that released the Batman film playing during the Colorado theater shooting is among the donors that have given a total of nearly $2 million to a fund set up for victims....


U.S. donates extra $150 million to battle AIDS

Science now has the tools to slash the spread of HIV even without a vaccine — and the U.S. is donating an extra $150 million to help poor countries put them in place, the Obama administration told the world's largest AIDS conference Monday.


Online campaign for bullied bus monitor hits $700,000

Karen Klein

Max Sidorov was so moved by the story of a bullied bus monitor that he started a campaign to raise money to send Karen Klein on vacation. His goal was $5,000. But the campaign had far exceeded that amount when it ended Friday night, raising more than $700,000.

Senh: What does she plan to do with the money? It's more than enough for a vacation. She should just retire on it.


International donors pledge $16 billion in aid to Afghanistan over four years

Donor nations meeting at a conference on aid to Afghanistan here Sunday pledged $16 billion over the next four years for civilian projects from roads to schools to strengthening rule of law, in exchange for pledges from the Afghan government to combat corruption.


Accused NY madam's family seeks donations for bail

The family of a woman accused of moonlighting for 15 years as a multimillion-dollar Manhattan madam has launched a website to help pay her $2 million bail. Anna Gristina's family says it cannot afford to pay what they call her "cruel and unusual" bail. The site says they need donations to help "bring her back to us."


George Zimmerman website solicits donations

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in Florida, has created a website to communicate to his supporters and solicit funds for his legal defense and living expenses, now that he has been forced into hiding and thus unable to work.


Woman accused of faking cancer to get gifts

Faked Cancer

A former New York woman has been charged with faking terminal leukemia in order to rake in donations for a dream wedding and honeymoon.


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