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Brain scans can 'read our dreams'

Scientists have found a way to read people's dreams using brain scans, a new study suggests.


The craze for lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

A slew of apps promise to encourage "lucid dreaming". So why is there such enthusiasm around the idea of controlling dreams, asks Sam Judah. "You're only bound by gravity if you believe in it," says Rory Mac Sweeney, impatiently. He is explaining the logic of a dream world which he not only visits each night, but apparently has active control over, flying at will through lush forests or launching himself upward into the night sky.


Maine 3-year-old walks mile in middle of night

Hope Lillian Trott

A 3-year-old Maine girl, possibly confused by a dream, walked a mile to a grocery store in the middle of the night through freshly fallen snow, thinking her mother was inside buying pizza....


Finding Meaning in a Dream

A couple days ago, I was strolling with two friends along a brick-paved promenade, shrouded with willow trees on our left and on our right was a calm and pristine river. There were people sitting along the river banks soaking in the warm Spring sun, people walking their pets, kids chasing each other and couples enjoying each other’s company.


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