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EA sues Zynga claiming copyright infringement

Electronic Arts Inc. has sued online game maker Zynga saying that its new game "The Ville" infringes its own game, "The Sims Social." EA said Friday that "The Ville" is "unmistakable" in its similarity to "The Sims Social," which launched more than a year earlier. EA says the games are "largely indistinguishable" to a casual observer.


Report: Zynga bid $1 billion for PopCap

On Tuesday, PopCap games announced it was being acquired by Electronic Arts, confirming speculation that circled late last month. The deal is valued as high as $1.3 billion in cash and stocks. But the company reportedly also fielded a huge offer from social gaming giant Zynga.


BioWare and EA expect 2+ million subs for Star Wars: TOR

As if the idea of 100% voiced dialogue trees wasn't ambitious enough in an MMO property, word has now come out that EA and BioWare are expecting to have two million subscriptions for Star Wars: The Old Republic.


X-Men 2 Scribe Enters EA's Inferno

Universal studios have begun work on their adaptation of EA Games' third person action-adventure Dante's Inferno, with the studio hiring scribe Dan Harris.


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