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Venezuela divided: Recount sought after razor-thin victory of Chavez successor

Venezuela awoke to political turmoil Monday after Hugo Chavez's chosen successor, Nicolas Maduro, won the country’s presidential election by such a tight margin that his rival demanded a recount. The country, already shaken by the death from cancer of its dominating leader, faces uncertainty after Maduro secured 50.7 percent of the votes in Sunday's election, compared with 49.1 percent for Henrique Capriles -- a difference of just 235,000 ballots.


Will Hugo Chavez stay or go? Venezuelan voters to decide

Venezuela Election

President Hugo Chavez's crusade to transform Venezuela into a socialist state, which has bitterly divided the nation, was put to the stiffest electoral test of his nearly 14 years in power on Sunday in a closely fought presidential election.


Todd Akin Controversy May Hurt Republican Chances

Representative Todd Akin’s remarks on rape have focused attention on the party’s agenda on restricting abortion rights, a politically volatile topic for Mitt Romney and other candidates.


Wisconsin GOP primary: Romney, Santorum back Walker

The drama facing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took center stage at a GOP dinner here Saturday, where presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and other high profile Republicans –including Walker himself –addressed several hundred activists days before this state’s April 3 primary.


Iowa voters hold sway over how president is chosen

Mitt Romney

All across Iowa next Tuesday, tens of thousands of Republican voters will travel through a chilly Midwestern night to the warmth of a local church or gymnasium for caucus meetings to select presidential candidates, the first voting in the 2012 election campaign.


Fairfax County braces for election confusion after voter database glitches

Fairfax County elections officials are bracing for confusion at the polls on Election Day, in part because glitches in Virginia’s voter database could lead some voters to the wrong polling place. County officials said Monday that they discovered about 2,200 cases in which a state-run computer program assigned voters to incorrect precincts.


Democrat wins West Virginia governor's race

Democrat wins West Virginia governor's race

Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin has won a special election for governor in West Virginia, overcoming Republican attempts to tie him to President Barack Obama and the health care plan.


Poll shows tight race for Weiner's seat in Congress

An upset could be in the making in New York, where the GOP candidate trying to succeed disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner is in a strong position ...


Texas wildfires could keep Perry from GOP debate

Texas Gov. Rick Perry wouldn't say today whether he's going to participate in the GOP presidential debate tomorrow, citing the "fluid" situation ...


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