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Monthly Mexico Media Roundup: Economic Growth and Continued Drugwar Violence

January, the first month of 2013 and the second month of Enrique Peña Nieto’s presidency, passed with a barrage of news about two topics: the health of the economy and drugwar violence. Both topics are themes with which Mexico’s previous president, Felipe Calderon, had become accustomed to talking about by the end of his term.


Mexico's Pena Nieto takes power, begins new era for old ruling party

Enrique Pena Nieto

Enrique Pena Nieto took over as Mexican president on Saturday, offering a shot at redemption for the party that shaped modern Mexico if he can bring about an end to years of violence and economic underperformance.


Thousands protest Enrique Peña Nieto's win in Mexico's presidential election

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Mexico's capital on Saturday to protest Enrique Peña Nieto's apparent win in the country's presidential election, accusing his long ruling party of buying votes.


Mexico's former ruling party voted back to office

Enrique Pena Nieto

The party that ruled Mexico with a tight grip for most of the last century has sailed back into power, promising a government that will be modern, responsible and open to criticism.


Mexico's new president: A heart-throb, a leftist or country's first female leader?

Mexico Elections

Mexico's presidential front-runner Enrique Pena Nieto holds a wide lead heading into Sunday's election, putting the once-dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) on track to regain power.


Winner of Mexican presidential debate? Sexy model

Mexican Presidential Debate

According to the media and Twitter frenzy, at least, the victor wasn't any candidate but a curvaceous model in a tight gown who puzzled millions by appearing on stage for less than 30 seconds during the showdown.

Senh: Whatever works. Now, people know there's an election going on in Mexico.


Mexico presidential debate puts Pena Nieto in rivals' sights

Mexico's presidential hopefuls square off in a televised debate on Sunday with the trailing candidates seeking to land heavy blows against hot favorite Enrique Pena Nieto to spoil his chances of victory in the July 1 election.


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