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What Happens When The Federal Reserve Stops Artificially Boosting The Economy, And Should You Worry About It?

To quell the latest financial crisis, the Federal Reserve smashed interest rates to the floor by buying bonds with money it effectively prints. Since 2008 assets on the Fed’s balance sheet, including those bonds, have tripled, to $3 trillion. (Hey, people needed encouragement, and low rates are encouraging.) The mixed results: Entrepreneurs and homeowners got some relief, while savers got whacked along with the value of the U.S. dollar. Starving for yield, investors piled into stocks, pushing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its all-time high, absent inflation.


Why China's Billionaires Cannot Build The World's Most Admired Companies

Which country has the largest number of billionaires, China or America? China. According to the latest Hurun Global Rich List 2013, China had 212 billionaires in 2013, compared to 211 in America.


A Programmer outsources his job to China. Gets great performance reviews. Pays the Chinese firm 1/5th of his salary. Surfs web.


Call it an amazing example of entrepreneurship or a daring play of deceit. After a U.S.-based "critical infrastructure" company discovered in 2012 its computer systems were being accessed from China, its security personnel caught the culprit ultimately responsible: Not a hacker from the Middle Kingdom but one of the company's own employees sitting right at his desk in the United States.


A New Tech Generation Defies the Odds in Japan

Japanese Startups

While Japan’s aging technology giants continue to falter, Japanese entrepreneurs are forming start-ups despite difficulties with financing and a culture that discourages risk-taking.


Eight Crowdfunding Sites For Social Entrepreneurs

If money is the only thing stopping you from doing something good in the world, stop waiting and start doing some good! Nothing better symbolizes entrepreneurship than fundraising.  Social entrepreneurs are no different.


Stanford University Offers Free Entrepreneurial Courses Online

For those of us with a constant thirst for education, Stanford University is currently offering online courses this Fall - for free. According to the latest Stanford Report, 16 total courses will be available, with exciting subjects like Advanced Entrepreneurship, A Crash Course on Creativity, Human-Computer Interaction and more.


Techies Fight to Save Hacker Dojo, a Popular Silicon Valley Work Space

Hacker Dojo

Hacker Dojo is equal parts shared office, lecture hall and after-hours salon for a variety of tinkerers, software coders and entrepreneurs who intend to reinvent the future. The idea for Pinterest was cooked up here. The makers of Pebble watches used the space as their West Coast headquarters. Today, however, it is threatened with extinction. City officials in Mountain View have ordered Hacker Dojo to comply with city regulations for offices or move out.


At ‘Hacker Hostels,’ Living on the Cheap and Dreaming of Digital Glory

Sleep next to heaps of laundry; eat ham out of the package; work till 3 in the morning. Such is life at “hacker hostels,” where young digerati network and keep their expenses down.


Stay-At-Home Parents Choose to Start Businesses Instead of Returning to Work


Some families where either the mom or dad decided to stay at home with their kids during the early years have decided against going back to the corporate craziness and instead are choosing entrepreneurship.


California leads U.S. in immigrant entrepreneurship, study finds

Immigrants own 33% of California's small businesses, the highest share in the U.S., and make up 27% of the state's population. When Gloria Suen opened a retail shop in Chinatown, she and her sister knew so little English they could barely decipher the rules and regulations that govern small businesses.


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