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Scientists find hint of dark matter from cosmos

Cosmic Ray Detector - AP

A $2 billion experiment on the International Space Station is on the verge of explaining one of the more mysterious building blocks of the universe: The dark matter that helps hold the cosmos together....


Two rats cooperate telepathically via brain implant


Two rats — one in North Carolina, the other in Brazil — worked together on a task by communicating telepathically, thanks to implants in their brain. Electrical signals from a "leader" rat’s brain were collected, encoded and then zapped into the "follower" rat’s cortex in the form of an electrical signal. The follower rat then pressed one of two levers based on a light visible only to the leader rat. The Duke University experiment is the first time two animals have collaborated through such an artificial link, and shows that the mammal brain can be trained to act on electrical signals from another animal.


'Super-Earth' atmosphere measured

The atmosphere of a relatively nearby extrasolar planet - just three times bigger than Earth - has been measured in a pioneering experiment.


Gates Foundation invests more than $300 million in ed reform

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Thursday announced a $335 million investment in teacher effectiveness, with major grants for experiments in tenure, evaluation, compensation, training and mentoring in three large school systems ...


4-day workweek pays off

4-day workweek pays off

Closing Utah state offices on Fridays has delivered an unexpected bonus: a big saving on overtime pay. New calculations show Utah saved $4.1 million in the first year of a government experiment with a four-day workweek.


Lights seen in sky after cloud-making launch

Lights seen in sky after cloud-making launch

Scientists launched a rocket experiment aimed at creating artificial high-altitude clouds on Saturday evening, sparking reports of strange lights in the sky.


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