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Baby survives 8-story fall from NYC apartment; mom doesn't

A 10-month-old baby is miraculously alive today, after surviving a fall from an eighth-story Harlem apartment -- by landing on his mother's chest. Cindy Bacharach, a 44-year-old lawyer, leapt out of her apartment window yesterday afternoon while clutching the child after an argument with her husband, police tell the New York Post. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The husband had apparently left the apartment an hour before her jump, sources tell DNAInfo.


Texting Alaska woman falls off cliff

Falling Off a Cliff While Texting

A woman is busily texting and tries to discard a cigarette butt in Kodiak, Alaska. There is a nearby cliff. The story does not end well.


Girl survives 4-story fall from Florida hotel balcony

Authorities say a young New York girl survived a four-story fall from a Florida hotel balcony. Orange County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Ginette Rodriguez says the girl was not seriously injured when she landed Saturday night in some bushes at the Marriott Grande Vista hotel in Orlando.


Park ranger falls 3700 feet to death during Mount Rainier rescue

A national park ranger fell about 3700 feet to his death on Mount Rainier in Washington state Thursday during an operation to rescue four climbers. The National Park Service identified the ranger as Nick Hall, 34.


Lucky cat survives 19-storey fall

A cat from Boston in America fell from a window 19 storeys high and amazingly survived!


Steven Tyler: It was a fall, not a relapse

Accidents happen, but the show must go on. That was Steven Tyler's outlook after he suffered a painful fall in a hotel bathroom in Paraguay on Tuesday -- an incident he described in detail Thursday on NBC's "Today" show.


Fallen Rangers fan to get statue

Fallen Rangers fan to get statue

I feel pretty safe in assuming that no pro sports team has a statue honoring a fan who has died at one of their games — until now. The Texas Rangers announced on Monday that they’re planning to erect a statue in honor of Shannon Stone, the man who died after a fall from the stands during a game at Rangers Ballpark on July 7.


Oregon hiker missing for 3 nights in nat’l forest says will to live led her to try eating bugs

Oregon hiker missing for 3 nights in nat’l forest says will to live led her to try eating bugs

An Oregon hiker who survived a 50-foot fall, broken bones and three nights in a national forest says a strong drive to live led her to keep moving, eat bugs and even try a bite of a “plump and juicy” slug. Pamela Salant told reporters Monday that the snail-like forest mollusk “looked really tasty, but it was not” and she spat it out after giving it a chew. “I was thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this, but it’s what’s happening,’” she said.


Falls linked to early Alzheimer's disease

Falls linked to early Alzheimer's disease

Falling may be an early sign of Alzheimer's, according to new research. Older people whose brain scans showed signs of amyloid — an early indicator of Alzheimer's disease — but who were otherwise healthy, had twice the risk of falls as people without brain amyloid, found a study being presented Sunday at the Alzheimer's Association's annual International Conference in Paris.


Circus performer plunges 20 ft. at Colorado show

A Ringling Bros. Circus performer has been taken to a hospital after falling 20 feet before a Colorado Springs crowd....


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