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Court: Obama appointments are unconstitutional

In an embarrassing setback for President Barack Obama, a federal appeals court panel ruled Friday that he violated the Constitution in making certain recess appointments and moved to curtail a chief executive's ability in the future to circumvent the Senate in such scenarios.


Appeals court tells Ohio to count ballots tainted by poll worker mistakes

A federal appeals court on Thursday dealt the latest blow to Ohio’s voting procedures, saying the state must count ballots that are improperly cast because of a poll worker’s mistake.


Federal Circuit Reaffirms Patentability of Human Genes

In a closely watched case with huge repercussions for the biotechnology industry, a federal appeals court has held for the second time that isolated human genes are patent-eligible.


U.S. appeals court backs graphic cigarette labels

Cigarette Label

A federal appeals court has upheld a law requiring new, bigger graphic warning labels on cigarette packs.


Gay marriage: Appeals court to decide fate of Prop. 8 on Tuesday

A federal appeals court is expected to rule Tuesday on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that banned gay marriage in California.


Health care law ruled constitutional

Health care law ruled constitutional

The sweeping health care reform bill championed by President Barack Obama was upheld as constitutional by another federal appeals court Tuesday.


Instant replay: Carl Lewis dumped from N.J. ballot again

A federal appeals panel reversed itself and decided today that former Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis will not be on the ballot for state Senate after all, nj.com reports.


Obama aide: Health care ruling won't stand

White House officials say today's appeals court ruling against the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance -- the key part of President ...


Appeals Court Rules Against Health Law Mandate

Appeals Court Rules Against Health Law Mandate

A federal appeals court panel on Friday struck down the requirement in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul package that virtually all Americans must carry health insurance or face penalties.


Court upholds TSA's use of full-body scanners

Court upholds TSA's use of full-body scanners

A U.S. appeals court Friday upheld the use of full-body scanners to screen air travelers, but said the Transportation Security Administration should have sought public comment before deploying them.


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