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More states consider ban on credit card surcharges

Credit Cards

Charge a fee to use your credit card? It’s legal for merchants to do that, unless barred by state law. Charge a fee to use your credit card? It’s legal for merchants to do that, unless barred by state law. Ten states already ban such surcharges – California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas – and more may join the list.


5 hotel fees you'll see more of in 2013

Hotel Fees

Get ready for some annoying new hotel fees, such as minibar restocking and baggage holding fees, in 2013 as projected modest occupancy increases embolden hotels to tack on new fees and surcharges even for their most loyal guests.


Merchants can now charge consumers for using their credit cards at checkout - up to 4%

Credit Cards

Starting Sunday, paying by credit card could get more expensive. Under the terms of a $7.2 billion settlement reached last summer between credit card companies and merchants, merchants will be free to impose a surcharge on customers paying by credit card.


July's new laws: $50 vomit cleanup fee

Vomit Fee

Passengers hailing cabs in Chicago starting Sunday may want to read the fine print on the taxi placards before they get in. In addition to the base fare, cab drivers for the first time can charge sick passengers a $50 vomit cleanup fee.


You're probably losing $155K from 401(k) plan

A two-income American family with an average income that dutifully invests in a 401(k) plan using typical strategies will lose $155,000 – or about 30 percent of what they should have saved for retirement -- to Wall Street fees, according to a study by an economic justice advocacy organization.


Verizon drops $2 'convenience' fee

Less than 24 hours after it announced it would charge a $2 "convenience fee" for every one-time online or phone payment customers make, Verizon Wireless reversed course after consumer outrage spilled onto the Web.

Senh: Thank you public outrage, you've reversed yet another scheme by corporations to sneak more money out of us during a recession.


Verizon ditches $2 fee after customer uproar


Verizon Wireless has reversed its decision to charge a $2 fee for telephone and online bill payments, bowing to a storm of criticism from consumers and the U.S. communications regulator.

Senh: Now that Verizon has reversed their decision, I guess this is a moot point.


Video: New Verizon Wireless charge sparks outrage

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless phone and Internet provider, will begin charging millions of customers a $2 fee to pay their bills online. The fee, which will take effect on January 15, was greeted by a wave of customer outrage.

Senh: Geez, Verizon Wireless is trying to squeeze in whatever charges they can and hope customers won't notice. Paying bills online helps them save money on paper, and now they want to charge for it? Not a good move, especially after the three service outages they had recently.


Simple Hacks to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

Simple Hacks to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

How much do cell phones really cost? Here’s one indication: The average household pays $350 annually—solely for wireless taxes and fees.


Bucks: New American Express Prepaid Card Is Light on Fees

American Express introduced a reloadable prepaid card that isn't packed with hidden fees.


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