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Passenger has baby aboard flight over Armenia

Armavia Airlines

A passenger has given birth to her first child aboard an Armenian airline and named her daughter after one of the flight attendants who helped with the delivery.


Beck: Airline Treated Me Bad

Glenn Beck is boycotting American Airlines after he says he was treated rudely on a recent flight because of his political views. Beck, on his radio show on Tuesday, claimed that an attendant on a flight from New York City to Texas refused to open his drink for him or speak politely even though that courtesy was given to other passengers.


American Airlines flight attendants OK contract

Flight attendants at American Airlines on Sunday accepted the company's last and final contract offer, a decision that will help the bankrupt carrier in its bid to cut labor costs.


Flight attendant's outburst delays flight

As an American Airlines plane taxied for takeoff at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday morning, a flight attendant ranted on the plane's intercom, repeatedly telling passengers that she was not responsible for the safety of the plane and wrestling with another flight attendant for control of the plane's public address system, according to a passenger on the flight.


Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico Hotel Room

Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico Hotel Room

Phoenix flight attendant on layover in Mexico is found tied up in his hotel room appearing to be strangled.


Real Pan Am flight attendants fact-check 'Pan Am'

Real Pan Am flight attendants fact-check 'Pan Am'

Overhead Bin asked two former Pan Am flight attendants to watch the premiere episode of 'Pan Am' and tell us if their experiences were anything like those portrayed on-screen.


Air Canada's Flight Attendants Reject Tentative Agreement

Air Canada's flight attendants have given a solid thumbs-down to a tentative agreement with the airline, reached early this month.


Cabin smoke forces Spain-to-NC flight to land in Boston; 4 flight attendants taken to hospital

Cabin smoke forces Spain-to-NC flight to land in Boston; 4 flight attendants taken to hospital

Smoke in the cabin has forced a US Airways flight from Spain to land in Boston, and an airline spokeswoman says four flight attendants have gone to the hospital to be evaluated. Spokeswoman Liz Landau says Flight 749 from Madrid was heading to Charlotte, N.C., Saturday morning with 192 passengers and a crew of nine, but had to land in Boston shortly after 11 a.m.


FBI: Angry flier pelts crew with peanuts

An airline passenger is accused of assaulting and intimidating flight attendants after he allegedly become furious when he was asked to put away his electronic cigarette.


Did flight attendant get job with fake ID?

Federal authorities are investigating an apparent case of stolen identity after an American Eagle Airlines employee allegedly used another man's identity to get a job as a flight attendant, according a statement from the airline.


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