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Zimmerman to be freed on bond

George Zimmerman

A Florida judge today ruled that George Zimmerman could be feed on $150,000 bond, but would have to wear a tracking device.


Zimmerman lawyer: Remove judge

George Zimmerman

News media organizations, including CNN, asked a Florida judge Monday to reverse an order sealing court records in the prosecution of George Zimmerman.


Trayvon Martin case: Trial is challenge for prosecution, defense

Successfully prosecuting neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman for second-degree murder will require an excruciatingly detailed timeline about the last few minutes of Trayvon Martin's life -- and finding jurors who haven't already made up their minds about the highly publicized case.


Affidavit says Zimmerman 'profiled' Martin

George Zimmerman

An affidavit of probable cause in Florida's case against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of an unarmed 17-year-old says that the neighborhood watch volunteer "profiled" the victim, Trayvon Martin, and disregarded a police dispatcher's request that he await the arrival of police.


Zimmerman's lawyers withdraw from shooting case

George Zimmerman's Lawyers

Attorneys for a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot an unarmed black teen have withdrawn as his counsel, saying they haven't heard from him since Sunday....

Senh: This thing has twist and turns. It's starting to veer into crazy territory.


George Zimmerman website solicits donations

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in Florida, has created a website to communicate to his supporters and solicit funds for his legal defense and living expenses, now that he has been forced into hiding and thus unable to work.


Trayvon Martin death won't go to Fla. grand jury

Angela Corey

A grand jury will not look into the Trayvon Martin case, a special prosecutor said Monday, leaving the decision of whether to charge the teen's shooter in her hands alone and eliminating the possibility of a first-degree murder charge. "Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she knows there isn't enough for first-degree murder but she wants to maintain control and charge him with something else," Hill said. "What does she need a grand jury for? She cuts out the unpredictability of the grand jury. She goes where she feels she has more evidence."


Bad Timing for a Comedy Called ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Neighborhood Watch

Twentieth Century Fox is changing its marketing strategy for the film “Neighborhood Watch” in the wake of the killing of a teenager by a community watch participant.

Senh: I'm thinking it might be better to just shelf it until the Trayvon Martin shooting has been thoroughly investigated and resolved.


NBC News reportedly fires producer of edited George Zimmerman tape

NBC News has fired a producer who worked on a 'Today' show segment that featured a heavily edited 911 recording in which George Zimmerman appears to racially profile Trayvon Martin before the teen's shooting, according to The New York Times.


Poll: Trayvon Martin case divides US by race, age, wealth, and politics

New polls show a distinct split in how Americans view the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Some groups, including blacks, women, and Democrats, are more likely to see race as a key factor.


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