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$1 million! Three friends honor long-time pact to split lottery winnings

Powerball Lottery Winners - NBC News

All for one, and $1 million for all. Three long-time chums who made a pact to split the pot if one of them ever won the lottery got their payday last week, Georgia Lottery officials announced on Thursday. And to top it all, the threesome’s windfall was foretold by an after-dinner treat.


Four Men, Sharing Rent, and Friendship, for 18 Years

Four men, friends from New York University, have spent much of the last 18 years living together in low-rent spaces they found in New York City.


What makes people happy? Friends, sex, and short work commutes


While UN 'World Happiness Report' results found that richer countries are happier than poorer ones, individual wealth bolsters happiness only in a limited way.


Finding Meaning in a Dream

A couple days ago, I was strolling with two friends along a brick-paved promenade, shrouded with willow trees on our left and on our right was a calm and pristine river. There were people sitting along the river banks soaking in the warm Spring sun, people walking their pets, kids chasing each other and couples enjoying each other’s company.


You gotta have friends? Most only have 2

You gotta have friends? Most only have 2

Many of us may have a long list of Facebook friends, but only two truly close friends we feel we can confide in. That's shrunk from an average of three most had 25 years ago, a study finds.


Americans fall in love slower than Europeans

Americans take longer to fall in love than their Eastern European counterparts, according to a new study. The findings also showed that Americans frequently cited friendship as a key part of romantic love, while Russians and Lithuanians rarely mentioned it.


Facebook Touts Selling Power Of Friendships

The social-networking site is aggressively pitching to big advertisers like Ford Motor Co. and PepsiCo Inc. the latest in a series of ad formats that tell users which of their Facebook friends have expressed interest in the brand or product featured in the ad.


"Girls from Ames" chronicles longtime friendships

A year before it became a best seller, author Jeffrey Zaslow wondered if all the time he'd put into his book about the longtime friendship of 11 women would be wasted.


Should you remain friends with an ex?

To cut or not to cut an ex from your life after a breakup, that is the question.


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