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Obama: Europe woes could affect U.S. election

President Obama's political fate could be decided in the debt-ridden nations of Europe. While praising European efforts to address its potential economic crisis after this week's G-20 summit, Obama also said that problems overseas could damage the economy in the U.S. -- and threaten his re-election.


Italy wants euro rescue funds to buy its debt

Italy put forward a proposal at a G20 summit in Mexico on Tuesday for the euro zone's rescue funds to start buying the debt of distressed European countries, and the idea is expected to be discussed at a meeting of leaders in Rome on Friday.


G20 should stop the bickering, show courage

More than at any time since the depths of the financial crisis, the world's leaders need to pull together today, end their squabbling and divisiveness, and come up with a concrete plan to get the fragile recovery back on track.


The Best Countries to Be a Woman -- and the Worst

The Best Countries to be a Woman

India, a country best-known for its rising economic might, is the worst place to be a woman among the world’s biggest economies, and Canada the best, according to a survey of experts published Wednesday... “Canada leads the pack with its promotion of women’s access and opportunities across various sectors of society, including education, economic participation and health care,” Sarah Degnan Kambou, president of the International Center for Research on Women in Washington, which took part in the survey, told TrustLaw.


Obama, G-20 can't agree on IMF rules

Obama, G-20 can't agree on IMF rules

President Obama and the G-20 could not agree on how to add resources to the International Monetary Fund so that it can help with the European debt crisis. G-20 members did say that the IMF should have more tools and money, but decisions on exactly how to do that were put off until next year.


G20 Says No Threat Of Recession Yet

G20 Says No Threat Of Recession Yet

Finance Ministers and Central Bankers from members states within the Group of 20 said Saturday they saw no imminent threat of a recession as the European debt crisis unfolds.

Senh: In cases like this, it's better to overreact. They might not be in a recession currently, but they sound like they could easily "slide" into one. In the U.S., the bailouts to the financial industry did stabilized the sector, so maybe they should do the same.


EU to urge U.S., Japan to act on public deficits at G20

The European Union will call on China this week to boost domestic demand and on the United States and Japan to tackle their public deficits as part of global efforts to rebalance growth, an EU document showed.


G-20 nations reach agreement on imbalances

The world's major nations have put together a new monitoring process that they hope will halt the types of destabilizing economic imbalances that contributed to the worst global downturn since World War II....


As G20 Leaders Set Deal, Geithner Criticizes China

The finance ministers from the Group of 20 economic powers reached a compromise, after pressuring China, on how to track imbalances in the global economy.


G20 too divided to back tough curbs on speculators

G20 too divided to back tough curbs on speculators

French hopes for tough curbs on commodities speculation to tame soaring food prices look set to be thwarted as leading producer nations line up to oppose market interference.


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