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GameStop Has Another Life Left

GameStop shares are down nearly 5% on Thursday amid calls to restrict the sales of violent video games. The stock still looks good, though, with a healthy dividend yield of 3.6% and a long-term earnings growth projection of 9.3%.


Top News This Week: GameStop plans to release its own Android tablet

Video game retailer GameStop has announced plans to release its own Android tablet next year. The tablet is expected to come with some games preinstalled and will likely offer some game titles that are unique to the device. Games will be streamed to the tablet from a cloud, with titles expected to include some popular console games as well as mobile gaming titles.

Senh: I think they're a little late to the game. It doesn't seem like the Android tablet is gaining much traction. Electronic companies have already started jumping ship.


Gamestop Offering Pre-Orders on Digital Downloads: They Want Your Money Now Even Though The Game Isn't Ready

In a surprising change of pace, it appears that GameStop will be returning to the PC games market with an announcement that customers can now place pre-orders for digital downloads. Seemingly following EA's lead, the brick-and-mortar retailer has begun shifting the some of its focus off of packaged goods sales and onto digital distribution....


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