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PSY's new single steals attention away from NKorea

Psy - WC

South Korean pop star PSY's first new single since his viral hit "Gangnam Style" is stealing attention from inter-Korean tensions. YG Entertainment, PSY's agency, says "Gentleman" was released in 119 countries on Friday. PSY co-composed the electronic dance music and wrote the lyrics for the song, which pokes fun at a self-claimed gentleman who enjoys his time at a dance club.


Why ‘One Pound Fish’ is no ‘Gangnam Style’

One Pound Fish

With prince of invisible equestrian sports and YouTube page views (Psy), now semi-disgraced, the Internet has decided to anoint its next silly video star.


PSY's Gangam Style Tops Bieber's Baby To Become Most Viewed YouTube Video Ever

Gangnam Style vs. Baby

PSY’s ubiquitious Gangnam Style video just passed Justin Bieber’s Baby as the most viewed YouTube video ever. It has currently clocked 803,761,928 views. According to ChannelMeter, Gangnam Style had its best day ever on Oct. 28, when the video was viewed 24,563,506 times. Since it premiered 132 days ago, it has averaged 6.1 million daily views. ChannelMeter now predicts Gangam Style will be the first video in history to reach 1 billion views on Dec. 16, 2012.


Audience tunes out American Music Awards

American Music Awards

Despite rolling out Justin Bieber acceptance speeches about his haters and his mom, Nicki Minaj in pink wig and fake snow, more Taylor Swift ring kissing, Christina Aguilera, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Ke$ha, Pink, Pitbull, Linkin Park, No Doubt and the triumphant return of MC Hammer in a “Gangman Style” dance-off with PSY, the “American Music Awards” suffered its smallest audience in its 40-year history Sunday night.


Madonna shows off ‘Gangnam Style’ skills; Justin Bieber allegedly tries to win back Selena Gomez

Madonna brought Psy onstage during her show last night at Madison Square Garden and then demonstrated that she too can do the “Gangnam Style” pony move. And with that, the “Gangnam Style” craze officially reached its apex and trotted away into the good night with Madonna’s “Lucky Star” phase by its side.


Gangnam Style: how Seoul's most exclusive neighbourhood went global - The Guardian

Gangnam Style: how Seoul's most exclusive neighbourhood went global. It started with Psy; now even dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei is in on the act. But where exactly is Gangnam – and how did it end up giving its name to the music phenomenon?


'Gangnam Style' (and spoofs) hit 1.2 billion views

Gangnam Style

Only about a third of those "Gangnam Style" plays, 438 million, have been of the original video.


Online channel TakePart TV: relevant, entertaining

Dan Savage

Hey, YouTubers! Have you danced your fill to "Gangnam Style"? Have you seen enough versions of "Call Me Maybe"? Now video grazers can check out a brand-new YouTube channel that promises to be as amusing as any cat on a skateboard but also to engage you with ideas for changing the world. TakePart TV, launching Tuesday, is a digital home for what the network has termed "clever, eye-opening and optimistic content around big issues that face our planet." The target audience is millennials ranging from teenage to 30.


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