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Fired Rutgers coach Mike Rice due $100G bonus

Rutgers University's fired basketball coach is due a $100,000 bonus for lasting through the season. Mike Rice was dismissed Wednesday after a video was made public of him kicking and shoving players and spewing gay slurs during practices.


Rutgers coach used gay slurs, threw basketballs at players [Video]

Mike Rice - LA Times

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice’s job is in jeopardy after the release of a video that shows the coach using gay slurs, physically pushing and grabbing his players, and throwing balls at his Scarlet Knights team during practices.


Eddie Murphy out as host of the Oscars

Eddie Murphy out as host of the Oscars

Less than 24 hours after Brett Ratner resigned as producer of the 2012 Oscars after making an anti-gay slur, his handpicked host Eddie Murphy has quit.

Senh: D'oh! Brett Ratner makes an anti-gay remark during an interview, and, boom, everything crumples. Now, the Academy awards will have to find replacements quickly. I wonder if this will affect the box office for "Tower Heist."


Brett Ratner Resigns: Oscar Producer OUT

Brett Ratner Resigns: Oscar Producer OUT

Brett Ratner is out as producer of the 84th Academy Awards show. It's been a tumultuous several days for Ratner, who, amongst several offenses, used a gay slur when asked a question about filmmaking. The director said that "rehearsing is for fags" in a Q&A session following a screening of his new film, "Tower Heist," at L.A.'s Arclight Cinemas.

Senh: D'oh! That's what you get for making a gay slur. As a celebrity, you gotta be careful about what the words coming out of your mouth.


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