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In former East Germany, anxious residents resent paying for Europe’s problems

Germany may be Europe’s most powerful economy. But its prosperity is so uneven that Poles just across the border see it differently: as a place where housing is a bargain... The uneasiness here helps to explain the unwillingness voiced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel about proposals that would require her country to dip further into its treasury to help address the rest of Europe’s economic problems.


Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece

Greece Bailout

Euro zone paymaster Germany, relieved at a narrow election victory for Greece's pro-bailout parties, signaled on Monday it may be willing to grant Athens more time to meet its fiscal targets to avert a catastrophic euro exit.


In Euro Crisis, Obama Tries to Sway Merkel

A collapse of the euro could derail America’s fragile recovery and doom Mr. Obama’s re-election hopes. He may be running out of time to sway the German chancellor.


Canadian killer caught in Germany

Internet Cafe in Berlin

A Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering and dismembering a Chinese student and mailing his body parts to Canada's top political parties was reading about himself on the Internet when he was arrested Monday at a cafe in Berlin.


Merkel is target of calls for drastic measures by Germany to save euro zone

Calls for Europe to take drastic steps to quell its economic crisis grew earsplitting this week, but the pleas had an intended audience of one: German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Seven decades after a war sparked by Germany brought Europe to ruin, the country’s neighbors see it as their only hope. Germany alone has the deep pockets to help struggling countries escape a worsening economic crisis that threatens to tear the region apart.


Germany, France draw battle lines over eurozone bonds

Germany dismissed a French-led call for euro zone nations to issue common bonds, a day before a European Union leaders' summit which investors are looking to for new measures to counter the bloc's debt crisis.


Perhaps Greece won’t leave the euro, after all


Recall the reasons for the current euro panic: Greece is getting bailed out and, in return, it’s supposed to cut spending and raise taxes even further. But Greek voters don’t enjoy this austerity and are rebelling against politicians who agree to the deal. So Germany’s now hinting that Greece might get booted from the euro. Disaster, right?


20,000 march at Frankfurt Occupy protest rally

Thousands of activists took part in a major rally of the local Occupy movement in Frankfurt on Saturday, German police said.


European Stocks Sink

Stocks fell and the spread between Spanish and German bonds hit a record wide, as the prospect of fresh elections heightened concerns about the likelihood of Greece exiting the euro zone.


Setback for Merkel as austerity agenda rejected in Germany's biggest state

Hannelore Kraft

The crushing defeat follows elections that rejected austerity policies in Greece, France and Italy, severely weakening Chancellor Merkel's hand at her first talks with FranCois Hollande, the new French President, in Berlin tomorrow (TUES).


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