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Some Google services hit by partial outage

Google Inc is experiencing a small outage of some of its popular applications such as Gmail and Google Drive, the search engine said on Wednesday.


Yahoo revamps email in bid to catch up with Gmail

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo is spiffing up and expanding its email service in an attempt to regain some of the ground lost to a Google alternative that lured away millions of users. The changes unveiled Tuesday are meant to make Yahoo's email faster and easier to use on the Web. To cater to the growing audience checking their email on smartphones and tablet computers, Yahoo also introduced mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and devices powered by Microsoft Corp.'s recently released Windows 8 system.


Google's popular GMail service suffers disruption


Several Google Inc Web products, including the popular GMail service, appeared to go dark for users on several continents on Monday.


Google to include people's Gmail in search results

Google's Internet search engine is getting more personal by highlighting information drawn from its users' Gmail accounts on its main results page.


Miley Cyrus Hacker -- Secrets Revealed

A man who claims to have hacked the emails and cell phones of numerous celebrities -- including those who were hacked by the Hackerazzi who now faces criminal charges -- has given TMZ a road map on how he did the dirty deed.

Senh: It must be hard for celebrities to create a security question because so much about them are in the public domain.


Google Launches Offline Versions of Gmail, Calendar & Docs

Google is launching a new Gmail web app and updates to Calendar and Docs to make them more useful when there's no Internet.


Clinton: FBI to probe China email hacking charges

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that Google's allegations of Chinese hacking of its email system are "very serious" and will be investigated by the FBI.


Google says Chinese hackers broke into Gmail

Computer hackers in China broke into the Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior U.S. government officials, military personnel and political activists.


Bits: Gmail April Fool’s Joke Turned Into a Reality

A mock Google product announced on April Fool's Day promised to let users control GMail with their body. But a group of university students and hackers figured out how to really do it, using a hacked version of Microsoft's Kinect.


Google Settles With FTC Over Google Buzz

Google agreed to settle an FTC complaint that it used "deceptive tactics and violated its own privacy promises" with the launch of its social network, Google Buzz, which automatically shared information in Gmail address books.


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