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2 women electrocuted trying to help at crash scene

Good Samaritans

Irma Zamora ran into the electrified water at the Valley Village site and was killed. Another woman died trying to help her. Officials call them heroes. Irma Zamora's husband urged her not to get out of the car as they approached the scene of a spectacular traffic crash in Los Angeles' Valley Village neighborhood.


Mom: 2 kids abducted by would-be good Samaritan

Child Abduction

Authorities in the Atlanta area searched Wednesday for two children who were reported kidnapped by a stranger who offered to help the family when their car broke down on the side of an interstate highway.


Finders Keepers?

What would you do if you found a $100 bill in an empty elevator that’s propelling you to the eleventh floor? Answer quickly, because the next elevator “ding” could be that person looking for that bill. Pocket it? Tell the secretary you found money and let her deal with it? Post a note on the elevator to have the person contact you about a lost item in the elevator, hoping that it wouldn’t be reclaimed so you could keep it?


Man who aided driver saved by him a few miles later

A Canadian man who had just helped a motorist change a tire in western Wisconsin had his good deed quickly repaid when, just minutes later, that same motorist helped to save his life.


After shocking incidents, Chinese struggle to instill kindness

In many provinces, laws are being revised to indemnify Good Samaritans against being sued if their efforts fail: a chief reason why Chinese say they are reluctant to try to help. How do you turn Bad Samaritans good?


Outrage in China after toddler run over

Outrage in China after toddler run over

Gruesome footage of a toddler falling victim to two successive hit-and-run accidents and then ignored by many passers-by at the scene last week in southern China continued to galvanize the nation Monday, prompting a fierce debate on the state of morality in Chinese society.

Senh: This is just really sad. The hospital said she's already brain-dead. This incident also reminds you that you just can't EVER leave a toddler out of your site. Not for even a minute. They are naturally curious. This is not to put the blame on the parents, but just a reminder. The real blame is on the two drivers who ran her over and didn't stop to check up on her. I can't believe the passersby didn't do anything either.


Revenge? 3-year-old slain, mom-to-be shot

Revenge? 3-year-old slain, mom-to-be shot

A gunman apparently was motivated by revenge against a Good Samaritan when he opened fire, killing a 3-year-old and leaving a pregnant woman and her toddler critically wounded, police said.


Amazing video: Bystanders lift car to save biker

Amazing video: Bystanders lift car to save biker

A fiery rescue in Utah was caught on tape Monday. A car hit a motorcycle in Logan. The bike slid under the car, trapping the rider under the car as flames burst out. Grad student Chris Garff, who shoots video of lectures and school events for Utah State University, happened to be there when it happened, and began getting the scene on video.


Kidnapped girl's rescuer was 'beyond fear'

A man who rescued an 8-year-old girl who had been abducted by a stranger has told how he was "beyond scared" as he forced the kidnapper's truck to stop.


Driver Cuts Off Truck, Saves Abducted Girl

Driver Cuts Off Truck, Saves Abducted Girl

An 8-year-old girl who was abducted by a stranger while playing outside a Fresno home escapes from her captor after a 'good Samaritan' driver recognizes the suspect's vehicle and cuts it off, police say.


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