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Link Removal Part II: I'm Still Not Removing Your Link, But ...

Link Removal

About a year ago, I wrote about getting daily requests/demands/threats to remove links to random sites on Wopular. I didn’t add those external links myself. They’re all done automatically through RSS feeds. If another site’s content is related to a headline on Wopular, then a link to it is generated.


Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites


For Web sites that depend on their ranking in search results, Google’s secret — and frequently fluctuating — search algorithm can evoke a complex blend of admiration and fear.


'Romney' means defecate? Candidate faces Santorum search problem

It appears that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney now has a Rick Santorum Internet-age problem. Searching for "Romney" using Google now yields a page defining the meaning of the term as "to defecate in terror" within the first five links or so.


How Is Google's Freshness Algorithm Affecting Wopular

Last Thursday, Google launched another algorithm change to their search engine that rewards “fresher” content. For example, if you’re searching for a current event, the latest news articles would pop up to the top of the page. 35% of the search results are affected. I was thinking this should be great for a news sites like Wopular. I checked Google Analytics on Thursday and instead of getting a traffic boost, I got the opposite - a dip.


The Panda Strikes Again

The Panda Strikes Again

Last week, Google launched another Panda update. After I kinda fully recovered from the previous update, this one brough me back down again. I lost about 50% of my Google traffic. After each update, I'll change a few things around to make it a site that Google would like. And I usually recover. The only thing is I wonder if I would have recovered anyway if I didn't do anything, especially since each update always bring me back down.


Link by Link: Dealing With an Identity Hijacked on the Online Highway

Link by Link: Dealing With an Identity Hijacked on the Online Highway

Rick Santorum has lost control of his online identity, a predicament that stands as a chilling example of what it means to be at the mercy of the Google algorithm.

Senh: It's unfortunate, but as soon as Google adds an editorial layer on top of their search engine, it's game over for the company - then you can definitely say there's a bias in their search results. It opens up a whole can of worms. What I don't get is why Rick Santorum couldn't do the same and get his followers to tweet and blog about him to push his official site up to the top of the results.


Google's Panda Update Took a Big Bite Out of My Traffic

Google's Panda Update Took a Big Bite Out of  My Traffic

Google have been tweating their search algorithms this year to battle content farms and scrapers. They named this tweak Panda Update. In February of this year, they released the first version, which was aimed at lowering the rankings of content farms - i.e. eHow,, and I don’t consider my site a content farm, but I did saw a 40% decrease in traffic as soon as the new algorithm went live.


Demand Media Spikes As Goldman Ups Rating To Buy from Neutral

Monahan contends the stock has over-reacted to the impact of recent changes in Google’s search algorithm that were designed to reduce the prominence of lower quality content sites in search results. The analyst contends the move likely will have a single-digit impact to the company’s earnings, but has resulted in a 40% drop in the stock price since mid-April, leaving the stock 20% below its IPO price. He contends the recent price of the shares “reflects future negative changes that are unlikely to materialize.”

Senh: Interesting that the one site that Google supposedly targeted with their previous algorithm has almost no effect on the site's traffic.


How Google Finds Your Needle in the Web's Haystack

Most search engines, including Google, continually run an army of computer programs that retrieve pages from the web, index the words in each document, and store this information in an efficient format. Each time a user asks for a web search using a search phrase, such as "search engine," the search engine determines all the pages on the web that contains the words in the search phrase

Senh: If you really want to know, AND you like math, go ahead and read the article. If not, I double dare you.


Google's New Search Algorithm Change Took Out 40% of My Google Traffic

Google's New Search Algorithm Change Took Out 40% of My Google Traffic

Last Thursday, Google launched a new tweak to their search algorithm. It was targeted at content farms, which many consider to be spammy sites whose content are created solely to attract search engine traffic for specific keywords.

I do notice more and more of these sites on Google’s search results. For me, the main offender is Most of the articles I get from there are completely useless. They’re just keywords being repeated over and over again with a bunch of fillers. I can see why Google wants to push those sites further down their search rankings.


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