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Upgraded to Firefox 13, Which Has Chrome's Speed Dial Feature

Firefox 13 New Tab Speed Dial

It used to be that other browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome would copy Firefox. Now, Firefox is copying Chrome. The latest release of Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox 13, has the handy new tab speed dial feature that shows thumbnails of your most visited sites - a feature that already exist with Chrome. I love that simple feature.


Just a Few Chrome Apps Away from Jumping Off The Firefox Ship

Chrome Web Store

When Google first launched Google Chrome, I installed it and give it a test drive. I was fairly impressed. It had a super clean interface and was really fast. Pages rendered noticeably faster than Firefox.

Back then, even though I wanted to take the Chrome plunge, I couldn’t. It didn’t have all, or even half, of the apps I needed for web development and maintaining the content on Wopular.


Chrome Becomes Most Popular Browser in the World for One Day

Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser became the most-used browser in the world for one day last weekend, according to web analytics company StatCounter.


Google’s Chrome web browser now has 20.7% of web browser global market share at cost of IE, Firefox

Google’s Chrome web browser now has 20.7% of web browser global market share at cost of IE, Firefox

According to the analytics firm StatCounter, Google's Chrome web browser now has a 20.7% grip of the web browser market -- seven times more than it had just two years ago.

Senh: This is very impressive. When Chrome first launched, it was well-received, but adoption was slow. Some have even written it off as a niche market for the tech crowd. Now, it looks like it'll be a major player and a threat to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Chrome is sleek and fast. When addon's for it catches up with Firefox, I'll probably make the switch too. Currently, I'm using Firefox for web development, and Chrome for general browsing. I barely touch IE, except to make sure that my websites look ok on it.


R.I.P., My Chrome Laptop

R.I.P., My Chrome Laptop

How long does a Chrome notebook battery last? Eighteen days, in the case of my test model. Sad. I know that this is a beta product, but that is a major fail, even in beta. This is the cloud-computing dream, the Microsoft headache that could challenge the ecosystem from Dell to Firefox.


Why Google's Chrome notebook will succeed

Why Google's Chrome notebook will succeed

In the past two weeks, Google has started sending out its pilot notebook for testing. It is little more than a Web browser tucked inside a netbook. Yes, all it does is surf the Web. And it's going to be huge.

Senh: I highly doubt it. I think tablets made the Chrome OS obsolete.


Top 5 SEO add-ons for Google Chrome

Love working on Google Chrome but find it a little lacking for your SEO needs? You can customize it to suit your purpose with some great add-ons. Read on to know about the top 5 SEO extensions for Google Chrome.


FireFox 3.6 Faster, But Now I Have to Fix My CSS

FireFox 3.6 Faster, But Now I Have to Fix My CSS

FireFox 3.6 is officially released today. After 3.5's browser freezing problems which caused me to downgrade to 3.0, I was kinda reluctant to upgrade. I did it anyway, and to my surprise, it was as advertised.


7 great Google Chrome extensions

Much as I love the powerful minimalism of Google's Chrome Web browser, I really love the customizing power of Mozilla's Firefox. That's because Firefox is a tinkerer's delight with its many add-ons that let you personalize the browser to meet your many needs. Well, Google has finally opened up Chrome to the wide world of extensions.


Google Chrome Passes Safari to Nab Third in Browser Race

Just last week, Google finally released official betas for its Chrome browser for Mac and Linux.


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