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Greece credit rating cut by S&P

Standard & Poor's cuts Greece's credit rating, saying eurozone plans to restructure the country's debts would constitute a default.


Emergency session held to rescue Greece from debt

European leaders are holding an emergency summit on Greece's debt crisis, trying to prevent a meltdown for the euro and a global economic slump.


Greek debt cut won't solve problem: ECB's Weidmann

Cutting Greece's debt will not solve the country's problems, ECB policymaker Jens Weidmann was quoted as saying on Sunday, adding Athens needed to raise its productivity instead.


Fitch downgrades Greece on lack of funding program

Fitch Ratings on Wednesday downgraded Greece deeper into junk territory, citing the absence of a new and fully funded financing program for the country.


IMF approves 3.2 billion euro loan tranche for Greece

The International Monetary Fund's executive board on Friday said it approved a disbursement of about 3.2 billion euros to help Greece pay debts due this month.


Asian markets stall after Greece gets debt warning

A credit agency warning that Greece could face default if it follows an international plan designed to help the country cope with its massive debts caused Asian markets to stall Tuesday.


S.&P. Warns Bank Plan Would Cause Greek Default

The rating agency said a plan proposed by the French government and banks to roll over some debt could fall within the definition of default.


Dow Adds 153 Points to Close the Quarter Higher

Developments in Greece helped stocks in the United States, closing a volatile quarter marked by debt concerns in the euro zone and by a struggling economic recovery at home.


South Asians hit by Greek crisis

Thousands of South Asian migrants have left Greece in recent months to escape the country's growing economic crisis, community leaders tell the BBC.


Greece backs austerity despite violent protests

Greece backs austerity despite violent protests

Greece's lawmakers approved a key austerity bill Wednesday needed to avert default next month, despite a second day of rioting on the streets of Athens that left dozens of police and protesters injured.


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