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Recent summer heat waves unprecedented, study says

The summer heat waves over the past decade that killed thousands of people in Europe, scorched the Russian wheat crop, and sent Greenland's glaciers galloping to the sea are without parallel since at least 1400, according to a new study. The findings are based on a statistical analysis of summer seasonal temperatures inferred from tree rings, ice cores, lake sediments, and instrumental records.


Greenland ice sheet had biggest thaw since 1973 this month, scientists say


Greenland’s surface ice cover experienced a broader thaw during a three-day period this month than in nearly four decades of satellite record-keeping, according to three independent satellite measurements analyzed by NASA and university scientists.


Glacier break-up shocks scientist

New pictures reveal the extent to which a huge glacier in northern Greenland has broken up in just two years, claims a glaciologist.


As Greenland ice thins, shoot the dogs, drill for oil

The old hunter was troubled by the foreigners encroaching on his Inuit people's frozen lands. "The Inuit say that they are going to heat the 'siku' (the sea ice) to make it melt. There will be almost no more winter," the elder says of the southerners in Jean Malaurie's "Last Kings of Thule," the French explorer's classic account of a year in the Arctic.


Greenpeace activists climb Greenland oil rig

Three Greenpeace activists on Sunday climbed up an oil rig off Greenland's coast in an attempt to stop a Scottish oil company from starting deepwater drilling in the arctic waters, the environmental group said....


Sixty-five countries submit films for Oscars

Sixty-five countries, including first-time entrants Ethiopia and Greenland, have submitted films for consideration in the Foreign-Language Film category for the 83rd Academy Awards.


Massive ice island breaks off Greenland

Massive ice island breaks off Greenland

A chunk of ice four times the size of Manhattan island has broken away from an ice shelf in Greenland, according to scientists in the U.S.


Microbe Wakes Up After 120,000 Years in Ice

Microbe Wakes Up After 120,000 Years in Ice

Tiny bacterium comes back to live after long, long time buried underneath Greenland ice.


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